What do you think of Tamoxifen (it is an anti-estrogen / SERM). I have taken it for one week (including weening of) and it has made my penis shrink. So all in all it has made things worse as before and I am off it for several months already.
Any comments appreciated.

i have been on it for 8 months. when i first went on it i lost more sensativity. but then i was loosing it prior so i thaught i would stick to it. in the 8 months of use i saw no benefits at all. i took it in a hope it would slow the loss of sensativity but as i have lost all sensativity i have weend off this month. it did raise T from 10 to 17 of range of 8-30. but it made no difference to how i felt. my experice was not good and not bad. i did for 3 days doubled the dose and rembembers feeling very horny on one night. i tried this a few weeks later with no effect.

I took it 3 months after crashing the first time post-fin and experienced a full recovery including no penile insensitivity issues, strong erections, frequent erections, high libido the lot - then i crashed 3 weeks later - now i’m 50% recovered - so in short i’m forever indebted to this drug viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5594

Tamoxifen acts as an anti-estrogen (though in uterian tissue tamoxifen acts as an agonist). Anti-progestins in at least one scenario have been shown to increase AR-expression (though, once again, this is in uterian tissue, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11397870)).

I wonder if tamoxifen has the ability to increase AR expression? Increased AR expression has been shown to reduce the effectiveness of tamoxifen for treating breast cancer (mendeley.com/research/androgen-receptor-overexpression-induces-tamoxifen-resistance-human-breast-cancer-cells/), but I haven’t been able to find any works determining that tamoxifen can actually induce AR expression.

Loads of us have tried tamoxifen/ nolvadex haven’t we?

There are already a lot of threads around Tamox - was on it for months but did nothing for me

A finasteride sufferer on Meso RX seems to be having some luck with Nolvadex. Let’s see if he ends up staying well.


No, only few people tried it. Not loads of people. And those who tried, tried with wrong dosages and wrong duration.

I’ve actually been on it the last two weeks. I’ve also tried it in the past. Using it this time to hep with some sensitive nipples.

I’ll be starting transdermal tamoxifen very soon. Has high efficacy and low side effects compared to oral tamoxifen


Plus it has been show to help reverse peyronies

tamoxifen also decreases AR

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Second study seems interesting. I didn’t see this study. Do you think that decline in AR on Prostate is permanent or temporary? That’s really important. @PastUser


Immunohistochemical study revealed significant upregulation of ARs by finasteride treatment for 30–180 days. In cell line study, quantitative real‐time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction revealed significant upregulation of ARs treated by finasteride.


In our study, finasteride influenced AR expression in benign prostate tissue

Whats the price on the transdermal?

I took Accutane :man_shrugging:

each compounding pharmacy have different prices

For the record, this study shows that finasteride decreases Epithelial androgen receptor but not stromal androgen receptor expression

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Interesting. Btw, that poll notcrashedyet made about tamoxifen has some interesting results. 10 people voted and 50% recovered from PFS…

Is there a way to see who voted in that poll?