Taking the DNRS program



I was diagnosed with MCS, and a friend of mine recommended me to do the DNRS program, which is used for MCS, CFS, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and other illnesses. He healed from a rare illness doing the program.

It’s based on decreasing the body stress response.

Regarding Post-Finasteride syndrome, if you are someone who only has depression, emotional issues, erectile dysfuncion or libido issues, I believe it can be useful or at least worth a try. If you are a bad case, like me, whith muscle wastage, shrinkage, this won’t be solved doing this program, but maybe it can help in other aspects.

I just started doing the program two weeks ago to see if it helps for my MCS, but if it has helped at something is to stay away from the suicidal thoughts I have had since my last recent PFS crash.

They sell the DVDs of the program for about 250 euros if I’m not mistaken, but if you are in a bad financial situation they may give you the DVDs for free if you sand them an e-mail (that was my case). Their page is www.retrainingthebrain.com

As I say, this has helped me stop thinking about suicide, and improve my emotional state, so it is worth a try as it has no side effects.




Keep us posted! I’ve been interested in DNRS as well.



@kan – How are things going? Any progress?



Mentally it is helping me a lot. But I have to be extremely constant. It implies at least one hour and a half every day of mental exercises, and being aware of mental loops, to stop them.