Take Finasteride again

I know this idea is left field but has anybody tried or thought of trying Finasteride again for a short course maybe a week and see if it has a positive effect or resets the system.
Possibly it could make symptoms worse but there also is a chance it could reset or somehow rework a mechanism that is dysfunctioned ?

Yes. But you are completely and utterly gambling with your life. I strongly advise you against taking it again. It has made people significantly worse and led to suicides.

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So people had PFS and decided to try it again and it made them worse ?

I took a single 0.25 mg after a month of getting pfs just to test if it works like some restart. Gave me horrible insomnia and brain fog for a week. I am thankful that i took only 0.25 mg that day, otherwise i would’ve been in death bed. It was a stupid mistake. If u really want to risk it, trying 200 mg proviron instead of taking Finasteride again seems better option. Taking Finasteride again once u get pfs doesn’t work. Finasteride gives pfs to healthy people and to pfs people it gives suicide.

Several I’ve read about over my time.

To paraphrase Axolotl’s summary of it “some improved, some got worse, some got WAY worse.”

Axolotl himself got MUCH worse after a single dose following sides.

There were folks brave enough to try microdosing and cycling fin and duta again but I don’t think any permanent cures came of it.

Think I’d rather try a “chop fingers off” protocol before a fin protocol. And as we know I’d do ANY old shit…


If thats the case with the previous users who tried it, then it makes sense to stay away. The closest I got to a cure was taking Mifepristone for 7 days at a average of 700 mg a day. Two weeks after my last dose I felt I was normal again and for the next 6 months I felt fantastic and then slowly regressed. i tried the 7 days again but just didnt work again, I wonder why could the body develop a anti bidy against the Mifepristone the second time around ?

Ah. I think he said like 7 years with relatively mild symptoms he couldn’t attribute to fin with certainty, then horrid crash almost immediately after 0.25mg.

I hate to admit to trying this briefly about 5 years ago in a moment of desperation. After hearing the PAS folks clamoring about 3-4 randos on acne org stopping by to claim a recovery from fin, 0.5mg led to a completely numb dick, severe impotence, drips of watery semen like after the PAS crash and mild brain fog. I got scared for my life and gave up after that. The sides lingered for about a week, then back to baseline.

Only mentioning this shameful attempt so another person doesn’t take the risk while blinded by the hope of dubious claims. I was asking for it and just lucked out by recovering IMO.