Symptoms of shampooing

The symptoms get worse when shampooing.
Brainfog is getting very serious.
What’s wrong with this?
Is it because of the shampoo solution?
So I wash my hair only with water.

what shampoo do you use? Name?

If your using a shampoo with saw palmetto or Ketokonzole get the hell off of it ASAP!!!

I used this and that in my replacement.
Every shampoo has a brainstorm.
make hard

@AaronF can you take a quick look at this? Do you see any issues? It’s called Neutrogena T/Gel

Should be okay, I think coal tar has some side effects but not nearly as bad as Keto. Also depends on how long it sits on the scalp if to much is absorbed you can risk sides but like I said seems way safer then any Keto shampoo out there.

I use whatever shower gel I have, but I was going to say that you could just stop using shampoo.

Your hair will be greasy for a while but with a little time oil production will reduce and you’ll be able to just use water.

If you Google there are lots of articles about stopping using shampoo.

Can anyone verify this? I’ve been using t-gel for the past ~8 months and always let it sit for a few minutes. I’ve also noticed my sexual sides getting worse recently and i’m wondering if it’s related.

I’m gonna give this thread a singular bump.

Hey man, I would play it safe and stop using the gel. I personally just wash my hair with water now. For me it’s just not worth the risk of worsening from putting any chemicals in my body. Sounds paranoid but I think it’s important for us.

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And that works for you? No dandruff?

No dandruff. Your hair will likely be a bit gross to start with, but eventually it will realise you aren’t using anything and start to regulate itself naturally. I believe it’s been coined “NoPoo” on the internet.

I don’t have hair these days. I keep my shit buzzed. I just wanna make sure my scalp doesn’t flake.

Oil is produced in the scalp so it’s much the same. I’d imagine it might be flakey to begin with but will normalise eventually.

I hadnt used shampoo in years and then when I did recently it crashed me to hell. Never again