Symptoms getting worse - I feel like I may die

Hi, guys.

It’s been a few days since I posted, and since then, my symptoms are getting worse.
I’ve lost so much muscle mass in the past 6 weeks. I can feel popping noises whenever I move my arms or legs. I can’t even do 5 pushups without struggling. My back hurts.
I’ve spoken to a few doctors, and none of them know what’s wrong with me. They found protein and ketones in my urine. I have elevated calcium levels in my blood. They think it’s because I’ve been starving and dehydrated, which makes no sense, because I’ve been eating and drinking water regularly.

My stools still look weird with food scraps on them - It’s like my body can’t digest anything.
I don’t know what else to do. I may actually be the first person to actually die from finasteride that isn’t suicide related. I feel so weak. In my mind, I keep thinking how just 3 pills could destroy my body in just 6 weeks. All I wanted was to keep my hair, but I made my hair shed far faster than normal by taking just 3 pills of finasteride. I may lose all my hair by the end of the year. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and I hate myself for putting myself in this situation.

I’m going to take a break from this forum. I don’t think anyone can help me. I hope to return soon with good news, but I’m not expecting to get any better. Good bye, all. And I hope you all are doing better than I am.

Hi WorriedGuy,

I’m sorry you’re going through this. A lot of people experience an improvement in their baseline in the months following their crash, so I would advise you to hold on and try your best to make it through.

As for right now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s going to be easy, because in all likelihood, it probably won’t. I think a break wouldn’t be a bad idea but feel free to check in here whenever you need to. I also think it might be helpful to try and build a support system with the people in your life that care about you, as well as try to find a good therapist (it could help you a bit to cope better - it’s probably not going to be much, but any relief is better than none). Also, if you need anything else, feel free to ask. I’ll try to help whatever way I can whenever I can.


Hi, borax.

I just don’t believe a recovery is possible. I would understand if my symptoms stayed consistent week-after-week, but it’s like something new develops every week.

Right now, all I have are my family and friends, and I am grateful for them. My family is the only reason why I’m still getting up in the morning to go to work. I have to keep making money to provide for them, but I fear that this drug may eventually target my brain and cause me to lose my job.

As of now, I have no hopes for having a normal life. I’m scared of getting married. I’m scared of having kids, because I have no idea how finasteride may have changed my sperm quality.
As sad as it is, my only hope in life is to survive and enjoy the little things in life like hiking.

I don’t necessarily want to give advice but I would try either sodium butyrate or magnesium/calcium butyrate. I’ve been taking it and it has made a drastic difference in my digestion

You’re still in the early days and the fact that you currently don’t have any mental side effects is a very positive sign. Maybe your physical and sexual symptoms will get better over time. Keep going to work as much as you can, and although this is easier said than done, do the best that you can do for the position that you are in.

What digestive problems did you have?

Like you describe where it’s never normal looking and all the food is undigested

Thanks. I also have slight stomach pains every now and then. I also burp immediately after eating. Not sure if you faced the same symptom.

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I get stomach pains occasionally too. I also burp but so do all of my friends

I support you. Hell, I can’t believe our situation is real.

never lose hope man ,i just made this account to reply , im almost 2 years suffering from much stronger sides , im 27 yo and its affecting my daily life so bad ,stay strong and you will get better with time ,in my case its very slow , its like a cycle , but im 100% sure that im getting better.


What particular supplement are you taking? Can’t remember if I asked you this in the past…if I did; my fault. My digestion has been messed up for the past 1.5 years. I did a 72 hour stool study and my results showed malabsorption.

The brand is bodybio and I have both sodium and mg/ca butyrate. But I’m sure any butyrate might work, I got mine off amazon. It hasn’t done much for any of my symptoms but it has turned my poop from loose, watery, or flaky into more compact normal looking stools. So I’m assuming over time this has to be good for my body at least as far as stomach inflammation and nutrient absorption goes

I had the same feeling of digestion is messed up for some reason. Me and several others have experienced benefits on carnivore diet. only meat. no fruits and veggies, nothing but meat. body goes into ketosis it uses ketones for fuel instead of glucose. I would consider trying it out, going in slowly to see how you feel with diet change.

I think my body is already using ketones for fuel. They found ketones in my urine.

The thing is, I’m still losing fat and muscle.

You are in a very early phase of fin sides. At this point you are far from being severe/ permanent PFS victim. Have you done blood test?

I’ve been meaning to try Sodium Butyrate for its purported benefits for digestion and leaky gut. How much are you taking? And how long for it to kick in? Did you notice any side effects? I recall former member @MOONCHILD had a very positive experience with it. Thanks

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Just taking two pills once a day usually with meal but sometimes before bed

Hey man,

Hang in there. I know the symptoms can be really bad.

I highly recommend speaking to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. It has significantly helped me. All of the symptoms and anxiety can pile on all at once, and it really helps to talk to someone.

And for 99% of people, symptoms get better, or at least stabilize, over time. Your best bet is just to the labs your doctors request, so you can understand at least what in your body is out of tolerance.

After having similar stools with fully undigested food, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.