swelling and fat around midsection.


Has anyone recovered from this? I been off this shit for nearly 7 months and it has decreased slightly but weight still climbing…it got so bad I quit the med…not to mention. Your hair just sheds constantly falling all the time…my hair is totally different than before starting this garbage…The weight is unlike calorie weight or normal fat…It looks more swollen and puffy like it’s full of fluid or type of water weight… Worst mists ke I ever made listing to the woman dermatologist saying this would stop hair loss and that was it…I run and keep a food journal for years… this is the craziest thing I have ever seen and wouldn’t believe ed it myself if it had not happened to me…the mental sides have improved with time but the physical not so much…


waist or stomach? I got fat on my hips within months of crashing. Still there. I lose weight but the fat on hips remains. Hormonal issue for sure. Can not be can no be explained by neurosteroids etc.


Its all the way around the bell button area of stomach…Goes areound to the love handles are also larger and appear swollen and my skin is kinda dimpled looking in some areas…Like its water retention or something…I have noticed this after about of month of first starting the drug…Damn stuff seems to never wear off…I am hornier now and feel more normal but my hair is still shedding like crazy and this swelling of the body is still there and I am running about 8 to 9lbs above my normal weight where I also stayed before taking this shit…Its like your still taking it all the time even though I stop 7 months ago…


If your libido is better and hair is falling out that is probably a good sign. My hair is the same as it was when I crashed 7 years ago…


Thing is it wasn’t falling or shedding much at all before I took this…after a month it started falling out badly and never stops…it’s just constantly sheds…it’s never did that before taking the drug…it’s had a thin spot developing around the crown…so der said if I took this it wouldn’t get any worse…it got worse fast when all the shedding started…


Still not much difference guys…Damn this water weight is killing me around the stomach…I believe it is just fluid retention…It got alot worse after stopping the med…I am reading about several different things that could have caused this…My hair still sheds all the time which it didn’t do before taking this shit…Its like your still taking the med long after you have stopped taking it…My libibdo is fine…But the weight issue is main side effect I have noticed other than making my look crazy and the texture chaning…See the other thread here about odd alien hair after taking this med…I have found that tramadol helps with depression and mental side effects…


I have exactly the same water weight. It is like a big tire around your stomach.



It’s sad…First time I took the med it went away…this time it’s not getting any better…still running on my same diet but still blower up like a toad…how long have u been like this? Are u still taking or did u quit also?


Guys I will be honest…This is getting scary…I am doing the same routine as always and its un believable the amount of swelling and water or flab what ever this is its getting worse and worse…I don’t know what to do or where to go but getting to the point of hindering alot of my movements and activities…So difficult to deal with this and I keep getting larger…I have been a toothpick for years and it makes it even more alarming and its really quiet disturbing…It doesn’t look like its ever gonna even stop let alone improve or reverse…


Do you have a pic of it?


Been reading several body building sites and are way more knowledgeable about dht than any of these **s that are prescribing finasteride…I have been told now that blocking dht is the last thing any healthy male would want…Effects of blocking dht…Fatigue, Depression, increase in body fat, irritability, lack of strength, etc…It makes you feel like s basically and not like a man…And these guys experiment with hormones and testosterone all the time and know the effects…Dht plays a big role in body’s metabolic effects and storing of body fat…U have f****d up big time taking this junk…And if not predisposed to male balding all the dht in the world won’t do anything to your hair and is very beneficial to overall health and well-being…I would say my ab fat has doubled since stopping the medication and still no change…


Update…Zero improvement…Been off over a year and gained 40lbs roughly of body fat and still feel like shit…For some reason dht remains low for some people.


Getting worse and worse…Don’t know how much longer I can go on in this shape…The physical side effects only worsened with time…Up over 200lbs my body looks alien like…unbelievable change in appearance…Had labs done posted results here…Low T 467 free T 9, estrogen 16…All within range but low and they said LH and FSH was good…Might be hypogonadisim…I have tried everything can barely run anymore still watching diet…May try clomid or trt as a last resort but I don’t really believe that pfs is simply low test…Something catastrophic has occurred in my body to cause these physical changes…I would try anything at this point…


I have bloating issues as well. I recommend ortho molecular products brand probiotics and digestive enzymes, as well as eliminating dairy and maybe bread.

I’ve had success with cleanses before. Consider doing one for 8-10 days and see if you can jumpstart your gut into losing all the bloat weight.


UPDATE…Well I saw someone for the condition and after extensive testing and labs I was placed on clomid 50mg every other day for 3 months…Now I started almost a month ago and in the last two weeks have had a tremendous turn around…Now physically I am not much better except a lot more energy but mentally my mind is much better…Almost back to a pre finasteride state…I still have anxiety attacks at different times but the tremendous thoughts of heaviness and suicide are much much less now…I was about dead a month ago and was getting to where I couldn’t function mentally or physically…It is very scary…I am stll big around the middle with huge flab and fluid even in chest and bicep area is swollen and puffy in appearance…But my labs should low E, Low test380 total, low free test it was 7. something and dhea was very low, pregneolone was low etc…So I am on around of supplements and an IGF-1 Spray to increase IGF-1…My body still looks like mashed potatos stuffed in a sack or something but I believe it has lessened some also since getting on this protocol…Low dose of trt could be next after this I have to get more labs around June…I have read were a few people claim their body went back down to normal or they lost all the weight un-naturally quickly…So I don’t know what to believe…Oh and my hair is still like “straw” or old lady’s hair it is very dry and burnt feeling he said this is from a lack of dht all over your body the sebum/oil glands in the skin and folicles cannot produce oil without dht present…


try doing abs workout , it will help ,it might take a long time to see effects though.


Quick update…Much improved still mentally I am sharp as a tack now…My mind and energy is so much better…Physically about the same still watery baby fat…But it seems texture of it has changed in last month or so on clomid it is less rubbery or solid feeling now and more watery. Hair and skin has also improved and is not as dry…So more updates after my next labs…


Same ol shit…still fat and holding fluid like hell…Hair still fried, Mind and energy about the same…Still on protocol should get labs again this month.I have also added pine pollen, r andro and mk 677 to the sups u.Seems pretty obvious to me guys when you crash as I did and your test keeps dropping you are in hpa faikure…Clomid helps to bring it back some…Seems likely that you are gonna have to supplement with Trt to recover the bodys test production is completely whack along with numerous hormone imbalances…The main damage is cause by the failure and the dropping test…Very difficult to recover from this…Some were lucky like myself the first time and didn’t go into complete shutdown and were able to recover…


Below are my new labs…As you can see the protocol has pushed everything up…The number on the left is my current reading…The middle number is the range and number on the far right is my reading back in Febuary…While I have improved greatly still feel terrible anxiety and weight us up 60lbs…Holding a shit ton of water weight…My growth hormone is now nothing…Even lower than before.

Growth Hormone 5ng/ml* <0.03 LN
Somatomedin C (IGF-1)** 102.0 LN > 200 ng/ml* 163 LN
IGF BP-3 4800 N 4000 ng/ml* 4800 N
DHEA-S* 407.2 HN ~255 ug/dl* 161.0 LN
Testosterone Free (13.84) 15.13 N ~14 pg/ml* 7.91 LN
Testosterone Total 692 N 690 ng/ml* 380 LN
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) 24.5 N < 55 ng/Dl* 23.0 N
Sex Hormone Binding Gb 30 N < 45 pg/ml* 28 N
Prostatic PSA <4.0ng/ml 1.86 N
Estrone (E1) 19.9 N < 60 pg/ml* 22.1 N
Estradiol (E2) 36.1 HN <25 pg/ml* 12.2 N
Pregnenolone 110ng/dl* 27 LN
Progesterone 0.8ng/ml* 0.36 LN
FSH 7 mIU/ml* 8.7 N
Lutenizing Hormone* (CPC) 15.3 H 5.1 mIU/ml 8.2 HN
Prolactin 14 ng/ml* 7.9 N
Zinc 95 mcg/dL* 94 N
Insulin < 25mIU/L 7.2 N
Vitamin D3 >60 ng/dl* 65 N
TSH <2.5 mcu/ml* 2.21 N
T4, Free > 1.5 ng/ml 1.31 LN
TSH Index 1.3 – 4.1 2.39 N
T3, Free (total = T3 + rT3) > 2.5 pg/ml 3.5 N
rT3 80-250 pg/ml 135 N
T3/rT3 Ratio >1.06 2.60 N
TPO <35 -
ACTH < 35pg/ml * 39.10 HN
Cortisol < 15 ug/dl 19.3 H

  • The IDEAL RANGE is at the 50th percentile of optimal. Treatment is geared to 50