Sweat glands - Appocirine


In human beings, apocrine glands are concentrated in the underarm and in genital regions; the glands are inactive until they are stimulated by hormonal changes in puberty.

I have also read that the difference between regular sweat glands and the apocrine sweat gland is fat. Do we have a problem with fat apsorbtion/metablization?

You know when hamburger and fries/ you get greasy and pimple? Doesnt happen anymore.


Fat absorption is also neccesary for hormone production… I read somewhere about the gall bladder being very dependant on fat absorption is it flushes out old hormones to make way for new ones?!


There is something to this fat theory - as I was fat, in January, before taking Spironolactone, I lost 7 kgs - and this was fat from my organs, like always, the unhealthy one.
What I believe started happening in February when I started taking Spironolactone, as my body change to estrogen dominance, the receptors got screwed up, I experienced massive subcutaneous fat loss - so I was losing weight, but not getting healthier at all!! That’s why all the veins are visible, etc

My apocrine glands are not active either, I don’t produce any body smell at all. Greasy and pimple? I wish one day, I wish!

Regards @joey10!