Supplementing DHT: Anavar /Oxandrolone


Hey all, just to let everyone know that am supplementing DHT to see if there are any improvements.

I have no sexual sides my problems are muscle/ bone wastage and a complete inability to sleep without sedatives.

I’ll report back on any changes with the DHT. Anyone else used Anavar?


How did this work for you? I tried anavar once, right before/at the time of what turned out to be my long term fin crash


I’m currently 5 weeks into an Oxandrolone only cycle at 40mg a day and I feel awesome!

Dick is working just not as hard as before. Libido slowly improving each day. Only sides still there are dry skin and no body odour. Going to stretch it out a few more weeks and see if I can make improvements in these areas.

Not sure if its due to my immune system being suppressed or the high levels of test maybe being converted to DHT like before???


Any updates here? Thinking of trying Oxandrolone


Hpw is it going???


Can I ask how you got a hold of it? Did you get a prescription or just order it online? I’m interested in trying this as well


Any updates?? I want to try it but don’t want to spend the money without a little more feedback.


That was his last post, I guess that’s a good sign right ? Haha


lol, I guess so? Maybe.

Or more likely it’s another thing that will help for a month or so then stop working… who knows. I almost spent the money yesterday but decided to hold off and see if others do. Don’t want to cause a crash and end up worse


im going to get my prep this week, honestly I’m willing to try anything now… I’m feeling good about the allopreg med coming later tho I feel like that’ll help immensely in the mind


The only issue I really have is decreased penile sensitivity and long refractory period. I guess that’s better than a lot of people… but it would be really nice to get those things back to normal!


Does oxandrolone also suppress the immune system?


Have no idea about Oxandrolone and immune system. I’m on my second day of Oxandrolone and haven’t really had any effects. I did workout last night and felt very very aggressive and angry afterwards while on the drug. Other than that, nothing to note yet. Will keep reporting.


I’ve heard some things about it and seen a couple of recovery stories regarding people using oxandrolone as part of their recovery protocol people but usually they are the guys that state they recovered mainly due to trt.
The reality is that is even if it does help its not really a sustainable solution on its own.
Oandrolone is a mild steroid but is still liver toxic and isn’t really advisable as long term solution to my mind but it may give you an indication as to remedy your symptoms.
Could i ask did a doctor prescribe it ? I have read that this type of thing has been tried by doctors.
Blood tests pre and throughout therapy are definitely recommend and the only real way to gauge things clearly.


Made an account justto chime in. I orsered stanolone (dht) to supplement recently (before I found this thread) and I too will post any results I have.


A doctor prescribed it yea


What dosage and duration has he suggested ?

Also what are his reasons for prescribing this drug did he go into details ?

Good to hear that you a doctors supervision did you have blood test prior to the prescription ?

I’m just trying to work out the logic I’m not thinking of shooting the idea down or promoting the idea Im just interested mate.


10mg twice daily for 3-4 weeks

I brought up the idea based on research on this forum and elsewhere. He explained to me the risks but felt it was relatively low risk ultimatley and that we could try it.


Still no results ? Has that other stuff made it to you yet ?


That’s low dose mate
Twice daily helps keep it in the blood due to it being oral and so having a short half life.
Split dosing also keeps your blood levels more stable rather than a erratic spike and fall scenario.
Be mindful of placebo effects ive seen plenty of these with newcomers to steroids suddenly thinking they are invincible lol on this dose it Would all be in the mind.
Liv 50 is a good liver protector when on oral gear mate milk thistle is too but I’m not going advise milk thistle on this forum or I will probably be shot in the head but Liv 50 shouldn’t raise any eyebrows mate.
Good luck mate be careful its said that steroids are not all that addictive trust me they can be especially if you get the desired results also as with all drugs one thing leads to another watch yourself mate dont let them become a habit Im only saying this as I noticed you use the gym their tends to be alot of bad influences in gyms.
Keep doctor upto date matey best of luck.