Supplement which cures PFS

Please consider joining our monthly fundraising group on whats app. We have a great group of sufferers, family members and friends who are committed to giving varying sums each month to support research.

Treatments require research, research requires money, money comes from donors. Please be a donor.

Some of us have been donating each month for a year now. It would make our day to introduce a new person to the group. You don’t have to donate your house. 50 a month will be much appreciated. That’s about 1.5 euros a day. A McDonald’s coffee, in other words. A cheap McDonald’s coffee a day to help figure out PFS, the disease destroying your life? Seems a reasonable proposition, no?

Come join us! Send me a DM and I’ll gladly add you.


It should be noted that even if you can’t give that much, every last penny counts.

I’m a college student and can’t give very much, but I am still welcomed in the group. Whatever sum you are able to donate helps. It sucks that it’s on us, but the faster we fundraise, the faster we get out of this mess.


Out of curiosity, is there anything that we’re raising funds for at the moment?

I’m a student as well and I am also not giving much but all I can - and every penny is appreciated :slight_smile:


if we all – and i mean all of us – just give a little, we can get out of this situation. for real. we have to change.


I will join the funding group v soon, hopefully next month. I’ve had a lot of outlay recently


If you can accept Alipay payment, it will be very convenient



We look forward to welcoming you!

Can you transfer to my Hong Kong bank account?

I left my job i cant promise monthly money. But Can i donate 50€ (not recurrent pls) for the moment? There is a link for me? Hehe thanks


Hey mate. Thanks for joining! I’ll send you my whats app via DM

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Come on. There are hundreds of people on here everyday. You can’t give anything? Please stop leaving it to a couple dozen people to do everything.


We need all hands on deck this year. Please get involved


It’s understandable that you experience financial insecurity. A lot of PFS patients are in the same situation, myself included. However it is really important to have a positive momentum going and thus regularly donations are important. So how about instead of donating 50€ now, you donate 20€ each month for the next three months? :slight_smile:

Here is the link for donating:

He donated 100 euros haha

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I don’t like going out very much. I haven’t tried. Remittance to Hong Kong may be counted as foreign exchange? In a word, a QR code can really solve many problems. In China, few people use cash to pay. It’s all QR code transfer, which is very convenient. Or can I transfer money to you through WeChat?

I sent a penny to your WeChat for testing

Don’t I need to be a Chinese resident for this? Is it straight forward? I’m completely unfamiliar with WeChat