Supplement: L-Arginine

Is this something to take or to not take? I know of one member here using it with positive results but have read in another topic here that another member had a bad experience with it.

Are you using L-Arginine?

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Nobody is using L-Arginine here? That’s a surprise.

I’ve used it, works very well for me, gets blood flowing down there. Also Cialis is very good in that department also.

Can I ask why you don’t use it now? Is it something that you only use for particular events or do you feel it doesn’t benefit you now?

Do you know what dose you used, how often and when you took it?

I think after awhile its effectiveness started to fade, I’d only use it on days I was going to have sex to help erection quality, I’d take 500mg on those days which worked fine. I think Ginkgo Biloba has a similar effect, which I have also used.

Thanks @ginge1612!

Anyone else?

Did you ever try it? I just bought some. Might try it

I think I got some. I don’t think it helped

It’s gives me headaches due to Nitric Oxide production.