Summary of my PFS symptoms since February 2020

For the science, this is what finasteride (4 pills) have made of me:

  1. zero libido incl lack of spontaneous erections
  2. shrunken penis
  3. shrunken testicles
  4. frequently retracted testies (especially before stools)
  5. low ejacuation volume
  6. watery ejacuation
  7. low orgasm pleasure
  8. erectile disfunction
  9. universal muscle wastage
  10. darkened circles around eyes
  11. chronic fatigue (MY WORST SIDE)
  12. brain fog / slurred speech
  13. occasional anxiety and severe depression
  14. anhedonia
  15. rapidly worsened androgenic alopecia
  16. stronger beard and body hair growth
  17. thinned eyebrows
  18. dry skin on penile skin and hand palms / prune-like fingers

I didnt suffer (yet) or have recovered from

  1. insomnia
  2. joint pain
  3. jaw recession
  4. testicular pain
  5. complete penile numbness
  6. chronic anxiety and/or depression
  7. no universal skin dryness
  8. no degree of brain fog to keep me from profession
  9. no slow wound healing
  10. no tinnitus
  11. no blurred vision
  12. no dry eyes
  13. no muscle twitches
  14. no gyno, no fat gain

So you better see what character of this syndrome I have and where you see yourself compared to me

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As a guy who only took 3.5mg of Fin, this is really really saddeding to hear.

I am 3 months in and I ONLY have severe ED, and reduced orgasm pleasure left and nothing else. But that ED is really destroying my confidence.

Its absolutely mind boggling and crazy to hear when we have guys like you who get hit really hard even 1+ year after Fin and then guys who recover 100% in like 3-6months.

Yea man, its time to medical world reckognizes a big issue on the rise, finasteride and other 5ari’s get more and more popular to treat hair loss, and with no doubt there will be many more lives destroyed because this drug HITS EPIGENETICS in patients

Hope you’ll improve soon!