Suicide seems rational to me

I can’t have erection…I don’t know if I ever have. I am a virgin I will never know what it is like to have sex without this side effects. I am considiring killing myself seriously. This drug literally destroyed me.

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I understand that you’re shocked to the core with what’s happened to you but:-

You’ll probably recover give it time.

Look at the suffering on here many men are dealing with so much more.

Context what is going on.

Speak to someone close to you they will re assure you this is not the end of the world.

Avoidable stress will not help.

Distract your mind, do things you like, relax, focus on positives, things will return.

Can I recover %100? And how can I be sure I never had sex before?

Try to chill don’t be inpatient your feeding the anxiety. You have a very good chance of a recovery. Focus on that!!! Not the opposite

I never had sex before. I will never know how it feels like to have sex. Because this drug ruined everything. Suicide is rational in my case. We should ban this drug.

Everyone on here will agree that this drug should be banned it’s poison. But listen man your mindset is feeding the downside. The fact you can still get boners is extremely positive. You’re in catastrophic mode. Take a step back and look at the advice / positive comments the other guys have provided. You need an outlet. Take up an activity, hobby, listen to music, do exercise, read a book distract yourself. Time is the healer

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I have to live with this…I guess I am gonna devote myself to religion. To Jesus Christ. I will never know how good sex is.

Religion is good

Keep yourself busy, have an hobby. Suicide is not an option, ghost can’t have sex as well lol. Just consider it as an accident and move on with your life. There are people who are paralysed, disable. They can’t see, can’t walk, can’t leave the bed. So be grateful and move on with your life.