Subcutaneous fatloss

Anyone manage to solve losing their subcutaneous fat, mine seems to come back about 25% on my good days.

Like around the eyes? I’ve noticed that for sure

Your fat loss came back?

I feel like it comes and goes but I notice it more than I don’t notice it if that makes sense

Have you identified what brings it back?

Hi Ojay,
Hope you are doing well, i’m two weeks off and very scared, i read on other post that after 8 months you were almost back to normal, is that right? You feel better now?

Mentally yes my digestion and fat loss are my only real issues anymore my sleep is pretty much normal if I fall asleep on an empty stomach carbs still make be kind of forgetful but otherwise okay, and to the poster above about the eyes. Not only my eyes pretty much my whole body has seen fat loss.

My fat comes back sometimes mildly but not completely seems to be at it’s worse in the mornings

No, the loss got worse around the eyes and very bad on my inner forearms.