Subcutaneous facial fat loss

Hey, so I thought I’d post these pics this is just after a mildly warm shower as you can see my face literally looks burnt and gets incredibly sore this is what I’ve been saying about how my facial skin has thinned out drastically. Also under my eyes look incredibly hallow, I have also lost the fatty layer underneath my feet which feels like I’m walking on bone.


I have similar issues as well on my face and soles of my feet, sorry your going through this man. This stuff has really changed my appearance significantly to.

It’s so messed up Aaron honestly can you think of anything that could do this level of damage in a human being. My resting heart rate used to be in its 60’s were most athletes is and now it’s almost 90 just got it tested today by a nurse this is all within a year.

@Papasmurf have you ever tried TRT? I’ve read on the skin forums that T is one of the things that helps promote collegian, and women often look older at a younger age because they don’t have as much collegian.

I don’t know if this 100% correct, just from what I’ve read.

I tried TRT for 8 months and my skin looked just as shitty