Study confirms that Broccoli is not a 5AR

I have been avoiding broccoli for many months now but this study concludes that it has no affect on DHT.

I always feel something from broccoli, sometimes good sometimes bad. Pretty sure it blocks the AR, so it has some anti androgenic effect even when it doesn’t directly lower DHT.

It contains DIM and I3C, and sulphuraphane.

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I’ve been eating broccoli almost everyday now, I think I feel better after eating broccoli to be honest, isn’t broccoli a natural aromatase inhibitor?


Yes it is an aromatase inhibitor

I think these substances are Aromatase Inhibitors.

When I studied it inhibits the possibility of DHT to connedct with prostate tiissue. What I did was taking brocolli adn asparaguss for 1 week and after it, I quit broccoli, I had the first normal day after PFS as I didnt have it before. (unfortunatly only was 1 day) :smiley: