Struggling With Scalp Sensitivity Left By Dutasteride

After stopping Dutasteride because it was giving me an itch and faster receding. my Scalp has become so sensitive. i can’t use many topicals or shampoos including Keto without a continuous itch and sore bumps in the areas of receding. the only one i can use that helps abit now is Nioxin 2 shampoo, and dunno why that one helps because it also seems to make me lose hair slightly faster.

For example of what happens, last time i used a shampoo called seba-med my scalp developed a couple of sore bumps. and that happens with quite a few shampoos now. i guess it could be an irritation but i dunno why and how to stop it.

And i also am starting to think its reacting to face creams too since where my scalp becomes itchy after applying them on my face. so i went for an allergy and hormone test they didn’t really reveal much beyond perhaps a 97% imbalance in my thyroid-stimulating hormone. i have talked to a doctor about it and he says he can’t see anything wrong so i dunno what to do.

Ketoconazole can give u a similair syndrome to PFS. Do u feel comfortable using it, knowing this?

Using Ketoconazole just seems to make my scalp itch way more than not using it. now that never used to be the case before i started dutasteride. my scalp used to be able to handle this stuff. but now my body has just gone completely out of whack.

Might want to get of that ketoconazole, can definitly worsen shit, or prevent recovery, since ur still inhibiting your AR. We have people here who only used ketoconazole.


To be honest i haven’t used Keto for 2 months now. because it was having a bad effect on my scalp. bu then most shampoos seem to be having this same effect. its just not going away.

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Coal tar shampoo ?

Selsun Blue shampoo ?

Salicylic acid shampoo ?

Tea tree oil shampoo ?

Very cold water shower ?

I tried, it didn’t help, maybe you could try.

I tried shampoo with Coal tar and it did not help. next day was incredibly itchy.

Never tried selsun blue.

The nioxin shampoo i use has salicylic acid in it and it helps abit and only sometimes. depends on how bad the inflammation is. so i ain’t sure about that one.

Tea Tree doesn’t help. next day very itchy,

And Cold water also seems to leave my scalp itchy

Never use shampoo with Keto I’m fucked from using that stuff save yourself from further damage and don’t ever go back on it.

Used a moisture-rich shampoo today. getting abit of an itch already from it :frowning:

My scalp never used to be like this. so easely irritated.

Id see a dermatologist but its far too expensive.