Strong positive effect from one pill of tribulus - how to make it last?

Hi guys,

I know there has just been another tribulus thread started but I want to dedicate this one to experimenting among those who are positively affected by trib. It seems we are all reacting differently to it, some get better, some worse, most are not affected.

For those who profit from it, I would like to find a protocol to sustain the effect of the tribulus. Because for me, when I first used Tribulus, the effect ended after a few cycles (see posts in former Trib thread). Now, after a 4 month break, I took only one pill yesterday evening and I woke up very different today. Not only do I feel my penis, I am CONFIDENT. Like the confidence you have when you know you´ve got balls in your pants and you are going out to meet girls. It´s like an almost forgotten feeling coming back.

So here is what I did previously: I started trib in spring this year and was among the lucky ones who were very positively affected by it. I did the recommended cycle of ,1,1,2,3,2,1,1 with a slight tweek. I did 1,0,1 - 1,1,2,3,2,1,1
The reason for this was simply that I had mistakenly bought a tribulus made from fruit and the protocol said root extract. So the three days in the beginning were with the (as I thought) less potent fruit extract to slowly ramp into it. I did five cycles in total. The libido was higher and sex was really amazing during the cycles and still significantly better during the 10 day breaks. But the effect stopped completely with cycle 6. I then read in a couple of threads that the Trib effect wore off for other people as well.

Thats why I want to experiment on how to use trib without losing its effect.

This is the trib I used for the main cycle:

The other one is not on the market any more in this exact form. It is from Vegavero, 600 mg with 91% saponine. This is the Tribulus pill I took yesterday. So fruit extract works at least as well as root extract.
I took the pill right before going to bed after playing cards with friends. So I had a small glass of red wine and 3 beers (1,33 l in total) and a lot of M&Ms for dinner. Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I am going to take one day off today and then repeat the procedure tomorrow.

In general I want to reduce the amount of trib to the minimum where I can still feel an effect. Most protocols I read so far aim to take higher and higher dosages, but I feel like that makes the body adapt to it faster.

Things I want to try out are cycling different Tribulus types, cycling other herbs, taking longer breaks, going down to half a pill etc.

It would be really great if you could share what worked for you and what you think might contribute to this protocol.

Thanks and best of luck with your therapeutic efforts!

I used many different tribulus brands over the last 3 years. Cheap tribulus and expensive Bulgarian Tribulus like vemoherb and tribestan.

I did probably 15 cycles over the years. Highest dose I took was 12 pills of vemoherb for 4 weeks.

My most successful cycle was also my last. I went up to 6 pills of vemoherb and then within 1 week to 0 pills.

Libido basically stayed the same after this cycle. Pretty sure if I would start a new cycle my libido would be just insane now cause now my libido is strong even with zero tribulus. I still feel like I’m on tribulus cause my libido is so strong.

Thanks for your detailed reply. It is always great to see that people recover. So you roughly did 4 cycles a year. Were they always 4 weeks long? And did you ramp into them or started with a high dose right away? Did the high dose cycles do more for you then the low dose ones? And did you notice any differences in the tribulus brands you used?

Sorry for the many questions and wish you happy hollidays

While I was on tribulus (700mg), I crashed hard and my baseline worsened. Now I’m disabled.
It is possible that yours is only a case of secondary hypogonadism.

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Quick update: Taking one pill every other day now and will switch tribulus brands (using 3 different ones now).

I went out partying yesterday and finally have that craving I was used to on the after-party hangover day. So at the moment things are looking good. Will wait what tomorrow brings and maybe go to one pill every third day if libido is OK tomorrow.

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So how goes the Tribulus?

After my last update I only took one more pill. That was on Tuesday, so I had a two day break between that pill and the one before. My libido was greatly improved until today, where it dropped a bit. That is why I am probably taking the next pill today.

One thing to notice is, that when I first started with Tribulus, it took 5 days with two pills on day 5 to notice something. This time, I took one pill in the evening and the effect was huge in the morning already. Don´t know why that is, but I am definitely more sensitive to it now.

I will try get into a cycle of 3 pills distributed over 5 days and then a 6 day break and hope that this is an amount of Trib to which the body isn´t getting used to too quickly. With the libido and especially the increase in sensitivity (I would say from a 2 to an 8 out of 10) I would actually be totally happy. I will keep you updated

Bulgarian Tribulus Terestris is known to generate new AR Cells, maybe because of this?

Bulgarian Tribulus messed me up big time.
I went from quite mild case to much more severe case.

And I only took two Tribulus capules.

My advice to anyone looking at this thread, stay away from it, it is poison