Strong morning erection after beer

Hi guys!
I’ve been in Spain for some days and during evening I used to have a beer with friends.
I think spanish beer is stronger than italian one (my supposition)
I only had one glass not drunken at all.
Anyway in the morning I always had very strong erection and the particularity is that my penis didnt get flacid after a short time as usual but I could mantain the erection.
Olso ’ the feeling’ with my penis was different… I ‘felt’ it.
If I could be like that I could say Im cured from my sexual problem connected with de.
Had anyone experieced the same?
Does anyone know why beer has this effect?..

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Hello Andrea, where did you gi? Im from Spain.
Usually i do not have many problems with ed, but i do a little with libido.
Usually beer does not work very well for me, i do prefer white wine.
By the way, spanish beer have 5% around of alcohol, i dont think there is a remarcable difference with italian one.
Did you take the sun maybe?

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I have been in Madrid.
yes, they have been sunny days but we talk about sun of December…

Anyway I have the same reaction I suppose with the beer in Italy…

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I’m in America and alcohol seems to help give me morning erections as well. I had a very strong one a few nights ago but only when I’ve binge drank all night, it won’t happen if I only had one or two beers.

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For me it’s enought only one…

Morning erections tend to be stronger when bladder is full.


In fact, i think the morning erection is due to the necessity to go to pee. Thwn, i recommend you to go to pee when you notice you have it, in order to give to ypur body what he is asking for. This way the body also see that it works and will do it again.

I didnt understand… You sayed I have a strong erection and I can keep it becouse I need to pee?..
If this is true, why this doesn’t happen when I drink water?..

I am not talking about you, but about every man. It happen to me almost all days, and i just drink alcohol on weekends.
When i was young (before being an adult), every time i wanted to pee and i couldn’t for any reason, i had a strong erection. Does it happen only to me???


When you drink alcohol, your body get deshidrated (is that the right word?), that is why for example you have a hungover the day after drinking too much alcohol.
To avoid it i do rexommend you to drink a lot of water in the middle of the night or at least right before going bed.

In this post I wanted to underline the effect of alcool in my body and the benefit in term of erection…

I have also gotten that effect, multiple times. I used to think it was solely due to the effect of having one’s bladder full but I now I think there might be more to it.


Has anyone experienced the genital shrinkage side effect of PFS? If so can anyone say they have had it reverse back to it’s usual size?

Search this discussion in other topics. You will find a lot of info. Some say yes it reversed their shrinkage. @abredlobster

It comes and goes for me. But for a long time it felt like it was permanent, it is surprising how convincing the change can seem.

I saw myself in the mirror a few days ago and was relieved to say “yes, that’s how I remember it” having all but forgotten my previous form. Yesterday - not so good again. Today - somewhere in between.

Beer is like a e2 supplement, so there’s that

Alcohol is a diuretic, that means it is a substance that makes your body turn water into urine more.
Water will make you need to pee as well of course after enough consumption, but doesn’t necessarily put your body in a state of increased urine production.

Does alcohol consumption worsens in noticable amounts of symptoms for anyone? Im trying to cut out alcohol. It is bad for health afterall.

I think is because lowers testosterone while apporting pythoestrogens