Story of an 18 year old kid

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The Netherlands

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Reddit r/finasteridesyndrome

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18, 5’7", ±143 lbs

What specific drug did you use (finasteride, dutasteride, saw palmetto, isotretinoin/Accutane, fluoxetine, sertraline, citalopram, leuprorelin, etc…)?
Accutane + Zoloft

What dose did you take (eg. 1 mg/day, 1 mg every other day etc.)?
Accutane: 10 mg everyday for 5 months
SSRI: Idk anymore but it was a starting dose

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Acne and depression

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Accutane: 5 months
SSRI: 2 weeks

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Accutane: 15 years
SSRI: 17

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Accutane: 16
SSRI: 18

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Cold turkey

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See story below

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Dietary changes

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I’m a 18 year old boy who got destroyed by all kinds of ‘medicines’ and here’s my story. First we go back to when i was 14/15.

I suddenly got severe acne, it ran in my family so i knew it wouldn’t go away at it’s own. (after all i was a sugar/junk food addict + fapping everyday). However, i went to a doctor with my lovely mom and that doctor prescribed me Accutane, a wonder drug. Within 5 months i was totally acne free and i didn’t even had side effects (most weird thing ever), like ZERO side effects.

Fast forward a year later. I met a beautiful girl and yeah lol she became my girlfriend. First lockdown began and we started smoking lots of weed, like 1.5-2 gram everyday. The best time of my life i guess. Weed literally made me a better person. Maybe you won’t believe me but my hair became super thick and shiny, my skin was shining and tanning and my face just looked very alive back then.

3 months of smoking the magical plant everyday got me fucked up. 2 weeks after quitting i suddenly developed floaters, light sensitivity, tinnitus, visual snow and the worst of 'em all mental problems. I basically fried my receptors by smoking weed and using MDMA.

That was in June 2020 and life was never the same since then. I became a kinda boring, anxious, always crying person so me and my girlfriend decided to break up in January 2021. She had all the right to leave me cuz i just wasn’t fun anymore. UGH. Thereby, my gf and i were always having a fight cause i became a really toxic person. After all the medicines i took, losing my girlfriend is one of my biggest regrets but after all it just adds up the staple of my shitty, fucked up life
Still depressed 'n shit so the doctor prescribed me Zoloft, an SSRI. Took it for 2 weeks and since then? Nothing, just pure quiet. 1 black void.

  • Hair became dry, changed texture and lost volume. The opposite of what my hair looked like when i was smoking weed.
  • Itchy genitals, i’ve always had itchy genitals but since the SSRI it became so, SO bad.
  • Emotionally very, very numb. Haven’t cried in 7 months. Of course i laugh sometimes but it just feels so fucking fake.
  • Visual snow syndrome got worse.
  • DP/DR
  • Lost all muscle power, not mass
  • Voice became a bit weird
  • Easily sunburned

Last year before the SSRI, i tried NoFap for 2 weeks. It made me feel so good but felt shit after 2 weeks (flatline) so i just started to have a wank again couple times a week. But if i do NoFap these days it just makes me feel so fucking shit IMMEDIATELY. So i was lurking on Reddit and saw a post about a guy swearing he cured his muscle weakness and his depression after doing the opposite of NoFap: fapping 4 times a day. So i tried it, and believe it or not, i felt normal for the first time in months. I kid you not, it was such a great relieve. However i felt it made my eye floaters worse. Even if it didn’t, my paranoia-mind says it does. So i stopped.

2 Months of researching and i found out i have Candida and i found a link between this horibble disease and gut problems. So i started the Carnivore diet 3 weeks ago. I think i made it worse since then. I’m a carb and sugar addict and just one day i decided to do beef, salt and water only + intense exercise. The candida die-off was so bad it made me even worse. After 2,5 weeks on this diet i suddenly had bad brain fog so i stopped the diet out of anxiety. I think the carnivore diet is the way to go but you have to transition slowly cause since last week i have these symptoms

  • Lost arm hair
  • Jawline became less manly and pointy if you know what i mean
  • ZERO libido
  • Almost zero ejaculate and its kinda watery
  • Brain fog, unable to REALLY focus 'n concentrate. Catching yourself staring at nothing for a minute like 50 times a day

So here i am, having severe Visual Snow Syndrome, fried serotoning and dopamine receptors from drugs AND PFS while i lost 99% of my friends and they’re having school/earning money. No-one gives a shit about me cause i became boring. I’m bedridden and even more hopeless.Now theres no way out of this except Last saturday when i quit the diet i suddenly cried for 5 minutes so fucking loud, so i know i’m onto something with going carnivore. I hadn’t cried for 7 months or so.

Btw i dont feel anything anymore from weed and alcohol

thx for reading if you came this far, after all i’m just another victim with his own unique story


Stories like this, with affected childs really hurt. 18 years and bedridden, I wish you the strength to go out there and try to life your young live. On the other hand I know fatigue and hanging in bed till midday too.

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Hi @Veron

I’m sorry to read about your story, and thanks for creating a member story. I was only 22 when I developed PFS, so I understand the sorrow one can experience seeing others moving forward in life while I feel like I’m stuck. If you’d ever like to talk over the phone please send me a PM.

Also, once you’ve been off the drug for 3 months or more, please follow the instructions for new members here: New user? START HERE including completing the patient survey and reporting your symptoms to your regulator. This is incredibly important, as regulatory reporting is how we improve clinical awareness and ultimately get more researchers interested in what’s going on.

Please take care of yourself, and let me know if you’d ever like to chat.

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I’m going more and more bedridden too. It’s not only the fatigue. It’s a kind of protest against my own live, for taking that pills. The huge and final mistake if my live.