Stopped after 7 months of TRT - No withdrawal effects so far

I have to do a PCT, my hpta is shut down from 7 months TRT. I do only take 10mg tamoxifen a day. İt’s almost a week and 3 weeks to go. Yesterday afternoon and today I was feeling pretty good. Maybe it starts to kick in and blocks estrogen because my histamine symptoms got better.

Do A Blood Test.

He can try natural solution to lower his TSH.

So finished 4 weeks of tamoxifen. Made me feel not good. More depressed than usual. Zero libido. And my skin itched everywhere. My mucous membranes hurt. Sorry to describe it lol but I almost could not clean my ass after a dump due to the pain.

My balls have their full size back. So let’s see. I hope to at least get my baseline back to before I started all these experiments with hcg and later TRT.

Benefits were that my semen is thick and white since I did these things. It changed on TRT. Before it was mostly little transparent and watery.

If I will not recover like Pal with his pct I will go back to Dhea, pregnenolone and progesterone. That was the best I did and I wish I would have continued that instead of hcg and trt. I lost 1 year with this. And lost all my mental gains and confidence. A year ago I was approaching women. Now I can hardly leave the house due to social anxiety.

I know I am low of pregnenolone because mentally I am a wreck. While on pregnenolone I had my personality back. But that’s not directly pfs related and more a adrenal fatigue thing.

I quit Nolvadex on Thursday.Today is Sunday. Since yesterday my dick looks like it’s not a part of me. And my sack is super tight. My dick feels very cold and is pretty small and thin when not erect. I guess that’s now because my hormones are still messed up. Feels like typical pfs.

I fapped to test it. And my semen is now like pre TRT. Very thin and watery.

The worst symptom on TRT was that my nose was always closed. Clear histamine issues. That’s gone. Other than that I think I felt better on TRT. I was having libido flare ups very often.

Let’s see how the world looks in 1-2 weeks.

Hey bro. Did you stop trying the gut route?

I have no other Option that’s a permanent thing. ı am always on a diet. I tried the SCD diet but it was too much. I go with gluten free and low fodmap again. Felt very good last year by eating gluten free and low fodmap.

It’s been 17 years I have pfs and depression. I was always against ssri’s. But I can not remember the last time I laughed or enjoyed a second of my life. Heck, the worst is to not feel any emotion besides anxiety and shame.

I wonder if I should look into ssri’s? A friend of me is on ssri’s for 7 years and always happy and laughing and fun. I was all this before accutane. Accutane hit me hard. But fin destroyed me.

His libido is off the roof. Horny all day talking about his sexual fantasies non stop. When he sees a hot women he gets nuts while I do not care about her. He is 54 years old.

I start to get suicidal. Especially since this pandemic started I lost all hope in life. Traveling was the only motivation in my life. And after being destroyed by big pharma twice, I wont take the vaccine. So that means no more traveling.

Anybody here on ssri’s and feels good?

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Why don’t you do the Elemental Diet again? And I’m lots and lots against antidepressants, but sometimes it could be necessary. Anyways I can’t understand the association between them and happiness. What it did for me was completely opposite to that, removed all my emotions.

I took tried the hCG protocol to very limited success then tried TRT for about 6 months. I tried 2 different types of trt, with 100mg of ethanate first, followed by 500iu of cypionate, each once a week for 3 months, and am now off TRT. The only thing I noticed was the acne from the cypionate TRT going away.

I thought the acne was a good sign, but like you, my testicles shrunk, and sensitivity went from 1% to 0%.

All studies done on PFS patients CNF have shown we have way to much T in our brain, but less of most other hormones including Estradiol and DHT.

I think this is a big issue and why TRT often ends up backfiring.

Excess T is neurotoxic and inhibits neurogenesis. Also dopamine neurons need estrogens to survive and all studies have shown low CNF estrogens.

I can’t say for sure because it never been studied but I believe more and more a portion of our dopaminergic neurons actually have died due to this. Some recent study showed that 30% of those neurons die if estrogen deprived.

It’s a real mystery why we have this much T pooled in our brain though. My only theory is enzymatic changes, but I don’t think it holds up because the T is to excessive. It’s like a 15 fold increase in T in the studies I’ve seen.

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