Stiffness in my right arm and right leg ! How can I do it!

I am 23 years old. I started taking Finasteride from December last year to July of this year. I stopped taking it because I found erection problems. Then I started to shake hands, muscle twitches, low libido, and brain fog. Three months later, these symptoms were all relieved, but recently I felt that my hair was indeed too little, and I took a few more (I’m such a stupid!). After that, I felt my right arm muscles were stiff and inflexible, including my right leg. The muscles of my left hand are very soft and flexible. I suspect that I have Young Parkinson. Because the symptoms are very consistent, I am very scared now. I went to see a neurologist. He told me to continue to observe for half a year. May I ask friends who have the same symptoms in the forum. I need your help, now I am going crazy! Any reply would be greatly appreciated!


@Go_Faster_Sonic had some problems with stiffness, iirc.

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Why did you take that compound and for what? It doesn’t seem to be either a drug or supplement, but rather a PAH?

I am sorry ,it’s Finasteride , I write the wrong words when I use the Google translation ,and I didn’t notice that

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I see, well that makes a lot more sense!

I was a stupid too. Taking finasteride with a bad feeling. I cold read the leaflet with 1 of 10 Impotence and persistent ED after quitting…and I took it, like you the second time after a bad first experience, and we both run with open eyes into the catastrophy. Hope you survive better than me…