Steroidogenesis - diagrams of hormone pathways


Some diagrams showing how all our hormones are connected.


Good diagram of Testicular and Adrenal sex hormone metabolism. … erPath.pdf


Adrenal DHEA pathways, from … #PPA307,M1


Adiol-G and other glucuronide formation from DHT.


Another diagram showing the pathways involved in DHT --> 3a-diol G conversion.



Diagram from: … id=2047816

Show this to an endo next time they think all Fin does is inhibit DHT. Areas of investigation worth concentrating on:

  • 5AR pathways
  • 3a-HSD pathways
  • 17b-HSD pathways.

More discussion on the above pathways here:


Never heard of any 5-alpha-metabolites tests in a commercial lab, besides DHT.