Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

I’d recently came across an article saying Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction and it has successfully passed its first trials. It can be the good news for some of us.

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Post it please, we do like to read

Here is the link below

I was going to try this 6 months ago.

Don’t bother. I’m now taking prep after getting tested for safety.

Don’t waste time on the stem cells right now trust me. I know you can get desperate, but good things are around the corner.

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What things are around the corner?
Also, I think for some with structural damage , stem cells may be worth a go

Sage therapeutics coming out next year

Think we can expect positive news in regards to funding for more (private) studies And Baylor publishing etc.

Point is things are starting now, and based on people’s experience with substances that increase allopregnanolone I think sage is likely going to be good for us.