Starting St John’s Wort

Starting St John’s Wort Perika by Nature’s Way

300mg 3x a day

Will update periodically.



First week:

it’s been quite up and down. I do feel windows where my dopamine especially returns, but really every PFS side gets better slightly. vast majority of the time I’m still at baseline PFS.

Whenever I distance myself from a dose I start to feel better. Still many mistakes im making though, I’m taking 300mg 3 times a day, but not necessarily with meals like I should. Also my St John’s is standardized for Hyperforin, not hypercin.

Might try taking 900mg in the morning; 450mg in the evening.

But I also have to give this more time.

Doing really good for the past week, added caffeine daily.


I’ve thinked about adding caffeine , it helped with the sexual sympthoms ?

Are you on St John’s

No , i’m planning a tribulus / tangka ali protocol

Then caffeine could harm u… St. John’s wort goes well with caffeine in particular, dk about tribulus

I’m responding to everything more now, caffeine works, melatonin works and best of all I’m STILL ON 3x A DAY!

Going to load Creatine soon

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Works for what? Please describe more

Caffeine feels like caffeine again, gives me boost in libido and energy, and melatonin puts me to sleep now like it used to.

Although today was pretty bad so it’s not a 100% recovery… yet.

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Yeah things are definitely worse at the beginning of creatine… taking 5g 4x a day loading for a week.

Gonna push through tho


Today Is the last day of Creatine loading (4x 5g a day) and things have been considerably worse on it, especially first few days but thankfully it’s over now.

Maintaining about 40-80mg of caffeine a day and 1x 5g Creatine from now on. 3x a day St. John’s wort until school starts where I switch to 600mg morning 300mg night.

Might add Magnesium Glycinate 400mg, anyone tried that before ?

I’m doing good again especially in mornings and at night.

But my BDD has come back along with anxiety in general… but all my anxiety is spent on BDD. Sucks that I’m prone to that.

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Taking a week long break from the wort and I’m going to try masturbating 5x a day. I won’t stick with this too long if I don’t improve.

The wort is still giving me improvements but I’m running low.

Masturbating 3-5x a day helps with certain sides but I also have problems you would naturally expect from such a lifestsyle (painful orgasms). I’m not sure if I could maintain this forever.

St John’s Wort still works, 8 hours after I take it I start feeling better.
I’ve added cardio and sun exposure through bike rides and jump-rope.
Still lifting weights.
My diet is gradually shifting towards paleo and carb backloading at night.
I take “amino energy” which contains amino acids and lots of caffeine.
I feel better later in the day but the Wort overrides this improvement and I feel worse on it while it’s in my system, but getting off of it altogether also stops my improvements.

A big problem I’m having is with deodorant, the Wort makes me smell like a dying swamp but typical chemical-ridden deodorants are anti androgens that sit on your skin. They prevent me from getting better. Gonna try baking soda as a replacement, I can’t walk around smelling like this.

wtf? Am I on the right site?