Started testosteron sexual sideefectes gone

I started testosteron 3 weeks ago and i feel great at the second day the sexual side effects were gone und every week i got more selfe confidence and power .
I stated with 100mg testo e e2d and 6.25 exemestan e2d . I know its more then trt but fuck it no more doctors that say 2.48ng/ml Testosteron is normal at age 26. ive got back my testosteron an and a littel more for the 7 years with out testosteron. I startet with 2.48 ng/ml testosteron and estradiol 21pg/ml now three weeks later i have 13.6mg/ml testosteron and 18.7pg/ml estradiol. Im done with pfs now guys and its great !!

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Thats great. Did you only have sexual side effects?

I’m very happy for you! Some people relapse after symptom remission with HRT. Check back in after about six months and let us know if it’s still working for you.

I share your frustration with reference ranges.

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The only problem is that it can have a bad effect on your ability to have children. If your testosterone doesn’t produce itself, a replacement can make it even worse - my urologist told me so.

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I would consider dropping the aromatase inhibitor. It’s not needed at your dose and will damage your health in the long run.

Happy to hear you are feeling better. I hope to get the same response from TRT.

Regarding fertility, it is not a worry from my research. Just add in HCG+FSH+Clomid when it comes time to conceive and you’re unlikely to have an issue.

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I’m also strongly considering doing TRT since my sides are mainly sexual, and after watching the vid from the anabolic doc where he says that people with PFS come to him and he puts them on TRT and they feel cured it does encourage me to do so. For now I’m doing the hcg treatment but i that doesn’t work I know what I’ll do next.

Here is the vid:

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Right route mate, keep the HCG on too to avoid testicular atrophy. You can decide if you need even a stronger AR agonist like Trest after trying out TRT. Hoepfully it will work out for you without further need of steroids.

Yet another case of low hormone levels. I’m happy for you, but if the hormones give you results, it means that there is no insensitivity to the hormone, there is practically no syndrome, which has as its main symptom the lack of response to testosterone. I’m not saying you are untrue, simply that finasteride most likely caused you to lower the testosterone levels you restored with TRT. The problem is that those who develop insensitivity to the hormone most often respond poorly to it, some suffer permanent damage. People here are desperate and would be willing to try anything. Despair often makes people ignore the dangers that could run and there could be someone who could get very hurt to emulate what he reads here. I think an administrator should intervene before someone gets hurt.

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Not really. He probably fixed his AR sensivity issues with TRT. Androgens cure PFS people. I have read many cases who didn’t respond to androgens until they pushed and pushed more. Eventually their upregulated receptors, downregulated themselves and they recovered.

I see you suffer a lot, have you tried TRT yet? If so, why? Are you scared of crashing even more? I can’t grasp why somone like you wouldn’t try it. I have the empathy to your suffering. But what are you planning to do? It is sad to see your messages here, i think you should take an action instead of doing nothing.


I tried TRT two times, second one i crashed hard, but i continued and i developed osteoporosys and broken two ligments.
TRT is absolutly russian roulette.

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Re TRT, how quickly does it shrink testicles and is that reversible? That is a main concern of mine

HCG will prevent and fix this issue. That’s common knowledge. @UKContributor

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That’s a true concern for trt. Once you’re on exogenous testosterone, you have to keep jabbing it for life and carry needles & ampoules with you everywhere you go (think Sylvester Stallone lifestyle).

Stopping it results in the most horrible withdrawal symptoms ever and natural testosterone may never ever recover. HCG/HMG may (or may not) save the testicles and fertility. Now that being said, testosterone does make you feel heavenly good to the point of addiction and never wanting to quit.

Those who don’t respond to trt may try and discuss
with their doctors the possibility to adding little corticosteroid. It worked for me back in the days of yore.

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I dont have the plan to stop taking testosteron ever .
With hgc its ok for my balls i know they dont work like the shold so the worst case was reality before i started.
Its ok for me that i need it for the rest of my live i decide to lower the dosage in several monthts to abut 8ng/ml that should be a litte bit healthier but till then im very happy with the high level .

Thanks, and this is the same if I took proviron?

Read my posts on Moonman1’s MENT thread. It can help you.

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