Started Andractim (DHT)

So my newest endeavor is andractim. I’ve scoured the forum and spent many hours reading about others’ experiences with it, but if anyone could lend me anymore information about what to expect or what the general consensus is on if this will help, please let me know.

Thanks guys.

Btw I should add that my DHT has always been low, much lower than the desired “10% of Total Test.” Even when I boosted test with clomid/test gel, my DHT barely budged, so that is my reasoning in why I’m trying andractim.

improved my mood a bit or an afternoon and felt worse the next day.

you’re 19 and wasting yourself with unproven and harmful hormonal treatments. You’ll end up worse. I did an andractim cycle. Only had further problems.

i messed around with some hormone cream and ended up much worse off,keep well away from anything like that if you have any sense…

I don’t know about this cream, but many have had bad experiences with creatine for example. I also had bad experience with tribulus. So it led me to believe this all has some autoimmune component in it, at least. So i would suggest to you to try different doses. Try first with the recommended one and if nothing changes try with very small amounts (like a gram or less). Something like oral immunotherapy. I am doing it with tribulus and it made very noticeable improvements.
I mean, this is just friendly suggestion if you are interested …

Thanks for all the advice guys. So far not much different with the usage.

I’m new, but has anyone had any luck using andractim on their scrotum/penis/glans in order to restore length/sensitivity? I used finasteride for 6 days in november 18 and used topical spiro for 2 months between january and early early march and as soon as i stopped the spiro i had insane insomnia for about a week, and even now I havent slept for more than 6.5 hours in one sleep since then whereas before i used to do it routinely. Sexually, my glans has nonsensitivity at all and remains soft when I get hard. Finally, I completely lost psychogenic erections. That is what bothers me most, and I am looking to use andractim to reverse that. Any advice would be appreciated, in addition to letting me know where I can get it. I saw rat studies that showed andractim gel completely reversed the sexual and psychogenic erection effects of finasteride. I was hoping to try it out. Thanks guys

Have you tested your DHT and free T? I just did mine: DHT is way low and Free T is way high. I am considering Andractim as well. I wonder if one can get worse on it…

I know some people on it on French forums.
It is mostly temporary. You can see improvements but then will have to see if your natural production is back…

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Hey @tab and @robbo, what kind of bad effects did you get from using a DHT cream? Did you recover after you stopped?

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My dht is just out of range on the low side, 29 ng/dl, my T and free T are on the low end of normal. 375 ng/dl total, 12 free

I read that DHT should be about 1/10th of Total Testosterone. Yours is close. So maybe you don’t need to worry about DHT but about raising T.

In my case there is a huge disconnect between DHT and Testosterone, which may imply that 5a-reductase is not working properly. My DHT is 17.5 ng/dl, my Total T is 618 ng/dl and my Free T is 29 pg/ml. My (Total T)/DHT ratio is 35 rather than 10!

No, I didn’t recover and even when I was on DHT I didn’t see all that difference.


Sad news…