Standby limbs - neural connection shuts off except when in use

Since the week i took finasteride, i noticed changes in my limbs. There seems to be no passive connection to them. When not in use they seem to “stop existing”, as in awareness of them and neural connection to them.

Normally there was a continual, sensing connection to the brain, even when not moving but now that seems to be shut off, except when actively signalling from the brain. I.e. to take a glass from the countertop, or move feet this way.

Tell me if this isn’t relatable.


Completely relatable has been described by a ton of ppl throughout the history of the forum. Pretty crazy

That sounds completely crazy. Obviously, not only brain-genitals link is somehow damaged but much more than that. It all needs thorough scientific attention.

Never really heard a good answer but there was on thread on MS like symptoms and guys quoted a bunch of studies and guys from other forums showing lack of androgen action can cause the same symptoms