SSRI’s and Anxiety caused by PFS?


I am curious to know if anyone has had success with SSRI’s helping anxiety? I have read that SSRI’s can make things worse, but most of those complaints seem to be regarding sexual side effects which I have only very mildly experienced to the point where it doesn’t bother me.

Xanax use to help but as of a month ago, my symptoms have been daily. I went down a rabbit hole and ended up taking my Xanax for 2 weeks straight (stopped 2 weeks ago). The Xanax barely helped during this time. My doctors tried 2 SSRI’s on me that both made my symptoms 100x worse. I only tried 1 pill for both and refused to continue because it was nearly traumatic.

I have been off finasteride and Xanax for about 2 weeks now and I felt around 90% better for a couple days but resurfaced today. I’m starting to lose hope that this feeling will ever go away.

I am considering starting SSRI’s again when I feel around 90% because when I tried them last time I was already feeling terrible. I figure I may have a different result if I wait until I feel better.

I’m 25 male. Was on finasteride for 3 years. Symptoms include feeling like I am going to pass out, dizziness, panic attacks, nausea, pressure in head, ringing ears.

My brother has identical symptoms and he has been on the drug the same time I have.

Clean bill of health from doctors. All say it’s anxiety and try to give me SSRI’s

Hi @bc12345

So you’ve only been off finasteride for 2 weeks? I would give it some time as it’s still entirely likely you don’t have PFS and your side effects will resolve.

I cannot stress this enough though: do not take any SSRIs. There are many patients on this forum who are here from taking SSRIs alone, as they are anti-androgenic. We have theorised that “Post-Drug Syndrome” can be triggered by finasteride, SSRIs, Accutane or any other anti-androgenic substances.

There are also numerous accounts of patients who took finasteride becoming permanently worse from taking SSRIs while suffering PFS.

Please, under no circumstances, take SSRIs.


Thank you… that’s what I was looking for. I took Cymbalta one time and lexapro one time and the effects felt traumatic. My doctor Is pushing for me to take them again but I’m scared to.

Refuse them. No doctor can help us (yet)

Make him read the literature on the Pfs foundation website and hopefully he will understand

SSRIs can seriously worsen and cause this condition. 15 years ago I took Finasteride for a few weeks with no apparent problems, I don’t know if it caused me silent harm anyway. 7 years ago I took only 7 drops of Citalopram (single dose) and developed PSSD.


For any other patients experiencing a similar problem, one of the new pieces of content we’ve created is an explainer video about the key features of PFS, and why it’s important for clinicians to recognise them. One of those key features is that further disruption of androgen signalling can lead to further worsening which is sometimes permanent. It could be a useful resource for patients to share with their clinicians moving forward.

Will be released in the coming months with our charity, the rest of the content, studies, etc.

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Well, if i could go back in time, i would jump on my diet (100% raw food) without taking the ssri’s, cause now i’m having withdrawal symptoms and evaluating to take them back, but less than before.

I am 20 years old with PFS and have improved with onion and chlorpromazine 20 mg weekly. That was the only thing that worked for me