SSRI only indrectly antiandrogen?


i want to try low dosing SSRI for boosting ALLO levels.
Is it true they act antiandrogen only indirect over 5-ht?
So a dose too low to affect sert should be safe, right?

Even low doses were found to have a profound effect on steroid metabolism:

G. Pinna, E. Costa, and A. Guidotti, “Fluoxetine and norfluoxetine stereospecifically and selectively increase brain neurosteroid content at doses that are inactive on 5-HT reuptake,Psychopharmacology , vol. 186, no. 3, pp. 362–372, Jun. 2006.


Yes that’s the effect i’m looking for.
But in the theory SSRI being antiandrogenic it’s mediated by 5-ht?

It also affects an enzyme called 3a-HSD. Inducing 3a-HSD increases neurosteroid levels and decreases cellular androgen levels, so I’m afraid this is also risky.

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Not a theory, has been confirmed by various studies. I would not touch AD’s with a 10 ft pole in our condition. Actually I had at the beginning of my PFS odyssey, various kinds, and they all ended up worsening my condition.


Ok thanks guys.
The studies showing antiandrogenic effects have been done on ‘normal’ doses.
So you think they are still antiandrogen at low, non serotonerg dose?

I don’t want to take things off topic, but just wanted to ask quickly whether or not anyone knows if topical Retin-A would be dangerous? The quantity of Tretinoin actually involved would seem negligible compared to that of oral Tretinoin (Accutane), but worth asking.

Happen to have links to these studies?

I’ve used retin-A a little while ago, being sure to apply as little as possible to trouble spots. I didn’t notice being any worse off afterwards.