SPIRONOLACTONE destroyed me, 32 year old female, no hope


Thank you all for commenting and reading my story.

Well, I guess, in a way, it is heartwarming that there are people who will understand me, that this is not in the head, that this is not natural aging in a couple of months, that I really do feel awful, and I cannot drive properly anymore like I used to.

Scotsman, I am sorry about your face as well. Did your eyebrows fall as well and do you feel your skin like cracked soil?
You see, I watch these crazy programs with crazy American people weighing 400 pounds at 40, getting bariatric surgeries, body surgeries, and wearing a bikini at 43, looking even sexy-ish in some cases and I realize that even though I never weighed that much, I will never ever do justice to my body because in January I looked as an obese 31 year old teenager, and now I look like a 60 year old person. No intimacy, no beaches, no life for me in the future, and a fallen face, with underage bags, fallen eyebrows, saggy chin - all at 32, of course, there are surgeries, and I will have to repair my face because this is impossible to look at but right now my skin does not even heal properly, its like cracked soil.
No, I am not familiar with any other people who share similar reactions. The endocrinologist gave me the pills in January, just saying, ooo look, you are losing hair from the top of your head, I have a drug that might really help you, it will remove androgens from hair follicles and remove excess water retention from your body…Aha…Now I think she meant remove LIFE and YOUTH from my body…

lowe2sucks, thank you, I wish it was true, I wish there was hope…however, I can not imagine changing that rubbery thin skin into what I had in January. No intimacy and life for me in this life, ever.

gents93, I read this young man’s story - what a pity, and how chilling that it all happened after Spironolactone…a waste of young life and I guess no doctors would ever understand his suffering…


After I will have my test done, I was thinking of buying DHT/aldosterone that they use in research to add to body lotions and try to apply it on my skin, or maybe try a testosterone gel.Did you hear of any success with that?

Also, what do you think of these supplements: BOTULIN, QUERCETIN, P5P, CARNOSINE? the first two are supposed to help with subcutaneous fat.


before you buy dht/testosterone/aldosterone gel read this *** Post your experience with androgen supplementation HERE (DHT / TRT) ***
whatever is happening to you don’t try to fix this! it’s your body reaction to something that spironolactone caused self treatment can make it so much worse and last longer! you might wake up one day and all symptoms gone same as you took this drug and got this symptoms… you didnt get them in matter of year correct? it was like few days or weeks?
try natural alternatives until official treatment will come out


NO. Avoid quercitin! Quercetin has reduced me this way. Inhibits DHT-


My eyebrows do appear to have thinned, as if I had thyroid issues, and my skin does appear parched like cracked soil, particularly if bunched together.