I was experiencing pain and discomfort in the testicles and saw a urologist. My urologist said that I have a spermatocele. Has anyone had one of these? Will it go away on its own?


If anyone is feeling pain or discomfort in their testicles they should have a urologist do a physical exam and see if there is a spermatocele.


Testicle pain is also a symptom of low testosterone (or bad testicular function in other words).

What does the test consist of

The urologist will feel your testicles with his hands.

Anyone else have this?

I used to have some testicle discomfort. But 2 ultrasound checks found nothing.

Yeah I also have a spermatocele that was found out after I went to the ER because of testicular pain one day.

It’s likely to be due to fin, but it’s unlikely to have anything to do with our symptoms.

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