Speech problem solved - Sternohyoid muscle paralysed

Hi everyone,

apart from libido which is still crap, I got rid of all the symptoms but one, which was a speech impediment. I had an insanely hard time pronouncing things properly and after talking only a bit I had cramps all over my face and my throat was sore. This really affected how I enjoyed being around other people.

By pure chance I discovered that one of my neck muscles on the left wasn´t working. The one on the right was very active, but I couldn´t activate the left one at all. I managed after a long time of trying and my speech problem was almost cured instantly.

Now I don´t think that “paralysed sternohyoid muscle” is a typical PFS symptom, but I saw speech impediment a couple of times being mentioned here. Plus, we have all kinds of misfunctions. Maybe paralysed muscles play a role in these.