Specific Areas of Genital Numbness

Does anyone else have specific areas on their penis that are more numb than other parts? I’ve come across multiple posts, but there’s not much detail in what areas are they experiencing the general numbness. In my case, my genital numbness is focused on two main locations with differing categories:

  • Penile glans

  • Lower-shaft to base

My mid-shaft (right between the glans and lower-shaft section) feels normal. I’m not sure if it’s exactly like before since I never paid that close attention, but I can definitely feel much more here. My testicles are also pretty sensitive.

HOWEVER, the front midshaft definitely feels more numb than the rest. This is also true for my glans. My glans doesn’t have an even distribution of numbness; it’s mostly concentrated on the very front. The sides of glans are numb but there’s an obvious difference between the severity of the sides and front areas of the glans. My base/lower-shaft seems to have same level of numbness around the circumference.

Sorry if it seems I’ve done a lot of experimenting, but I was curious of this since the beginning that even puzzled my doctor. My doctor confirmed that there’s varying differences after the sensitivity test. I wanted to know if anyone else had this odd predicament?

I think this is true for me as well, perhaps not exactly the same and I can’t be arsed to go about it in detail but certain parts are more numb than others, for sure.

Out of curiosity, what kind of sensitivity test did you do?

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Hey, @Wintermoon, thanks for the reply! I hope you’ve improved at least some since your crash a while ago. My sensitivity fluctuates almost daily, some parts become more/less numb varying on the day. The rubbery feeling bothers me greatly and it seems the longer I go without an orgasm, the worse my numbness gets (especially in the frenulum area).

My doctor literally just used an alcohol packet with rigid, sharp corners. He poked me with it around the shaft, glans, etc. At the time, my glans weren’t as numb, unfortunately. He also checked my penis for any tissue damages and didn’t find anything alarming.

Thanks! Don’t worry about me I’m doing well.

Good to hear he didn’t find anything alarming.
Personally, I don’t think we have to worry about atrophy or permanent tissue damage and stuff like that. I think the whole thing with PFS is that any physical changes are simply the result of some kind of nervous dysregulation. I’m fairly hopeful/confident that when we finally fix the root of the issue all symptoms will get resolved and there is probably no permanent damage.