Specialists in the UK?

Are there any doctors or specialists in the UK I can contact to help me with PFS including chronic all body dryness, Chronic fatigue, and terrible chronic all over body neuropathy? Who is doing any research or published papers also? I need contact. I’m running out of time.

You can find few contracts on the pfs foundation website


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I saw Dr Phil Kell back in 2019. He is based in London at the Harley Street clinic. He acknowledges the existence of pfs so may be one to look into.

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Hi @Frankie1988,

Welcome to the forum. Can I please ask that you fill out a member story so we can better understand your background and situation?


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Thank you

Mind you doctors still live in 1950s. The deny pfs and prescribe antidepressants for our condition

What did he do for you? Was it worth it?