Specialist meet in Sweden

Hi, Im only wont to inform that i in contact with a endikrinolog in Sweden. He have taken on my case and he have contact other speciellist in Sweden to get a better view over the sideeffects they experience during contact with there patients. I dont now If this Will lead to anything but it feels good that someone takes me/us seriouslie. The first meeting Will be in wensday next week. If There is anything intresting coming up during the meeting i Will inform in this treat. Br Patrik


I think it’s a good thing. Let us know if you have any good news! Thank you.

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Its been over 2 years sence i first had a meeting with Thord Rosen. But now finaly something is coming out of it. He just told me he was going to send a artikel about PFS to the swedish doctor newpaper before Midsomer. I Will inform again when the artikel come out. Hopefully it Will lead to some discussion here in Sweden.