Spanish andrologist talks about PFS

I have seen that doctor Eduard Garcia-Cruz, andrologist in Spain, has given a conference about the post-finasteride syndrome at least in two urology congresses:

  • European Association of Urology Annual Congress
  • National Congress of Andrology of Portugal

Here’s his presentation in this last congress:

I’ll translate what he says in the slide 13, as it is in Spanish:


  • Defining a survey.
  • Creating a website to inform patients.
  • Use Survey Monkey.
  • Using Social Networks to spread out the intiative.
  • Analyze the data."

I don’t know if he has any relation with the PFS foundation.


Thanks @kan.

I think this will be of interest to @awor.

He is basically proposing what we already did with the survey. I will let him know about this, maybe it and our results are of interest to him.


except we went a lot further than survey monkey :smile:

The requirement for structured data, even if it is only scientifically considered pilot data, was an urgent need. I think when the participant targets are met the findings will be of broad interest and very powerful.


Yes, that’s why I thought that he may have had some relation with you or the foundation. But I also imagine this is just a logical approach to the current situation.

Also, this presentation is from 2016. Probably he hasn’t created any survey so far, because if he had I imagine we would have heard about it through the foundation or the forum. So he probably will be very interested in the survey that you designed.

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I will visit him next week. He probably won’t give me more information than what we already know, but I’ll see if he has a real interest in PFS and what are his views on the illness.

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It would be helpful to suggest that if he is seeing other patients with PFS that he could send them here to take our survey.