Sorry to all, my brain is racing faster and faster!

My agitated depression runs faster and faster, I only sit in my chair and check the internet with my handy. I loose the connection to reality more and more.

Taking the fin pills a urologist gave me like try this if you ever want after two years in a moment of relationship stress, this selfharming creazy overreaction I can’t forgive me. I cannot accept that I developed over this a rare devastating disease. That I lost my fiancee over this. That I cannot get a new relationship to forget. I can’t accept ED. I cannot accept my hedonism for 44 years and a funny live of 59 years ends up in agony.

I would have to enter the psychiatric unit to get help and to come down, but Im afraid of the SSRI predisposition and my c…ck will shrink and I’ll get cataconic. So I shall try to get a therapy without medication in a open daily therapy in a open hospital unit.

Finasterid drives us creazy. Yeah, Ryan and so many others have accepted pfs as brave fighters by the years. I’m new and I behave like a 18 yo boy.

Sorry to all. I vist a friend in a old farmhouse with a wildered park arround. I hope it brings me down.

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Hi, I am so sorry what you are going through, my advice is if ED is the major problem which caused your severe depression, a penile implant surgery would be a good solution, I think it is worthy to take this surgery if it can take us out of this terrible depression. For me, if next year there is no noticeable improvement, I will take this surgery without hesitation, I am only 24, I need get my life back ASAP.


I share the same opinion like @Hanru_Sun. If there is no way out for you why not considering a penile transplant? But in your place I would wait a little longer you are just a few months in.

A well known surgeon for transplants would be Daniar Osmonov in Germany (Kiel).

I am playing with this thought aswell but for me it is just to early to do it now I have to try some other medications to get back before going non plus ultra.

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maybe he likes me,just depression without reason,that’s terrible

Hey man, you have all the signs of depression and you’ll have to treat that first because all your thoughts and emotions are clouded by it. I know because i’ve been there. You’re probably repeating the same thoughts of hopelessness over and over in your head.

I see you’re afraid of SSRI antidepressants, rightfully so. I would get on wellbutrin if you haven’t tried it. This will most probably help you get out of the cycle you’re in right now and will put you in a much better position to work on yourself.

He’s only a few months off fin and could still recover naturally. A penile implant should be the last resort. Imo he should wait months, if not years, before considering this.

Yes of course I was referring the same. Thats why I was mentioning to wait longer. But if it is not possible to wait for someone longer than a few months or even years you have to react. There were some guys suiciding after a few months in PFS.

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I give it time, yes! In the cycle of major depression staying alone and suffering an anhedonic live, I forgot I have had head movies out of my memory and sexual fantasy and have had the first strong erections (with masturbating) since crashed. The next day things getting weak again. Libido is high, never lost it, but I dont no to get the ability for Penetration again!

Stayed with a friend today in a wildered park of an old farmhouse, that brings me down to mother earth, but how long stopps the brain racing?!

Penile Implant? are you fucking crazy?

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@moonman1 did this after 17 years on pfs and posted his new dick, recorded a podcast and told us of practicing the titan inlay…
I wouldn’t do that after some months…
Its irreversible but gives you back your manhood.

Glad you’re feeling a little better. This disease is so up and down. I have bad days and good days. The rollercoaster can drive me crazy. I really try to enjoy the good days and keep them in mind during bad days for hope.

I keep a journal of my progress and it helps me realize I am getting better very slowly. It gives me hope. Even when I have bad days, I am better than a few weeks ago.

The depression is tough. My depressive thoughts are irrational. I separate my rational thoughts from the irrational depression thoughts. But it is hard to do when you are feeling so down.

As you said, you are still early in this tough journey, so you have time to improve. I am thankful for this forum to share hard (and good) times with.

@Jonnas12 yes u young guys should do that as the last option (inlay), sexuality and the ability for Penetration as well as pleasure in a woman’s clit is a human right. It would be fair if Merck has to pay for it. The thing with my stunning girlfriend is eaten forever, its the past that sucks me.

For the future we all have to rearrange our lives to an asexual being. But we know everything runs over sex: founding family, getting kids, not be allone, tinder dates, fun, party, talking with friends…that and the anhedonic weakness makes me weird…its a long way to live a priests live.

Nobody wants that. So we need the inlay as our last resort.

Suicide was a thought, 59 with 44 years sexlive, buzzing, travel, kiff and fun, why suffer for the next 20 years. But I m father and I cannot leave back a child depressed.

I feel better, why no one of yours live in my neighborhood?!

@Exsexgod Suicide will never be a option for me no matter how fucked up my situation is and I hope it is the same for you all guys. Never give up, your mind will always adapt to the new state of your body. So it was for me. It will take time but the suffering will not always be in the same intensity.

There are a lot of guys here who are suffering more than ‚just‘ ED or impotence. The severe ones have my fully respect.

You experienced everything a man wish to have done in a lifetime but I think that can fuck up your mind aswell. It’s like living in paradise and the next day everything is gone. So I understand your current state.


Do you mean you feel like your mind is racing and you cant calm down?

Its like to drive a motor to the end without connection to the wheels. I need new hedonic strategies, like tantra massage, like joining a peoples movement, like an alternative community…

I am giving advice to my friend, why are you so rude? Are you barbarian?

Please god send a tsunami of hedonism to our lives again?!

something as have early morning sex with every new day…

full of joyful plans and visions of pleasure

all gone…

instead of this I lay in bed with fatigue and not any motivation to start in another fucking day!

time runs till midday…

I stand up with a little joy for my breakfast

now I have to take 300 mg Bupoprion to stay the day…

and hope brain will not go in the racing modus…

where is the naked woman beside me…

where is my huge boner.

gone for the fucking pill disaster…

All lost from a fucking pharma pill. I would like to cut them off…hedonism out off their rotten beings too…

Only meeting a friend in the afternoon, sitting together in a wildered park of an old lost places farmhouse…

…staying the weekend with my child and all the happy youngsters around me than …

gives me a memory how nice live could be!:heart_eyes:

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I am on 300 mg Wellbutrin. The first days I have had my first strong errections since 4 month. It was like before, I had dirty phantasies an my cock looked hard out of the trouthers and I walked arround masturbating.

Than I had murder phantasies against the old horror film face fart partner of my ex. She let me down like we never meet each other after two years.

And at last my brain was racing.

Today I hang in bed, demotivated and yesterday dick was only at 60/80 %.
The shit is my libido is skyhigh, my genitals are not shrunken, so I think sometimes with an Inlay I could fuck again, to forget my ex and here sexual attractivity with other women. But I have to wait for recovery for a year. The injections and than call an escort girl is to heavy even for me.