Sorghum - who has had at least some success with it

How has it helped?
If you have elevated E2, does it help to optimize e2?
What dose did you find is best for you?

I’m currently 2 weeks into a Ultra Hard cycle alongside a daily sorghum supplement and also 5mg cialis .
Noticeable improvement in morning wood so far. Much more frequent than normal, most mornings now tbh. Cant say for sure if its anything do with the sorghum but i haven’t seen any negative sides as of yet from doing this

too many confounding variables

I imagine it’s the 5mg cialis which is leading to the improvement?

Yes possibly .
I’ve had to stop using the ultrahard gel as i’ve began noticing high estrogen sides (itchy/tender nipples). Clearly i’m very sensitive to anything that raises this any further.
Continuing with sorghum & cailis for now.

why not drop the cialis to see what the sorghum is doing?

In the place i come from, sorghum is our staple food. I have sorghum related food everyday since last 20 years and have not felt a damn improvement in my symptoms of pfs. If ur main motive is to increase dht, why not try proviron !

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