Soreness and Runny Nose in Morning

Fairly regularly since PFS onset (5 years ago) I have my worst symptoms in the morning. Usually this is a very fatigued sleep inertia, where even though I usually get 8-9 hours of steady sleep, I feel incredibly groggy. This is coupled with muscles weakness throughout my core and shoulders, as well as what I can only describe as allergy symptoms, though I never had allergies for most of my life. The latter is usually a runny, red nose, with mucus build up in the roof of my nostril.

Does anyone else experience this and have a possible remedy? I also have had libido at 0% for those entire 5 years, along with not a single spontaneous erection in those years either, but I don’t know how related these two sets of symptoms are.

Hey dj91,

I have something comparable. I am used to sleep very long, however feel not rested in the morning and it is hard to get out of the bed.
In former times (I have PFS since 9 years) there were also weakness and pain in my legs, but these symptoms disappeared after 2 years or so.
I have also symptoms similar like a cold with running nose, especially after doing sports or when it is cold / heavy wind
Are you also getting easily ill and then having the cold for many days without feaver?

Sometimes I have errections, mainly nocturnal or morning erections, very rarely during the day

For me the runny nose seems to be more allergenic than it is actual illness. I never used to get allergies before Fin so I suspect something related to PFS. I find it’s triggered by heat and dryness when I sleep. I can take allergy medication that seems to work.