Sore throat mystery

I’ve had a really sore throat all day. At 4pm I did Buteyko breathing for anxiety. It stimulates the vagnus nerve amongst other things.

After I finished I noticed my sore throat had completely cleared up which lasted about 5 hours.

I also never get sore throats in the summer.

I’ve noticed strange things in my sinuses since all this - my nose get stuffed all the time, my jaw is tight and painful, and after exercising I feel like I have a sore throat and some post nasal drip. All and all these don’t happen all the time and don’t bother me that much. Probably not pfs and just the fact that even normal people don’t have perfect bodies.

My throat was really sore this morning and has completely cleared up this evening, that’s not normal. I’ve never had a sore throat that comes and miraculously clears up all in one day.

Yeah same unless it’s allergy season for me

According to me sleep diary I slept 30% longer on the days that I had a sore throat.

Hey man, i have a soar throat, or rather choaking sensation when i have anxiety (so almost always since PFS) it reminds me on the feeling when you get touched of a very emotional movie scene,

did you or anyone have this?