Something to try for libido.... ChromeMate


I dont spend a lot of time on here anymore but I thought I would share something that has consistently helped me with libido. It may or may not work for you but its positively helped me so it may be worth a shot if you got an extra ten bucks.

gave me increased thoughts of sex
strong erection
could last longer


do you have penile shrinkage as well?


Is there a scientific reason why it works?


No I do not.


I have no clue why it works I just tried because someone said it worked for them and it actually worked for me.

there is a study that backs up the libido boost for chromium… but its for chromium picolinate. “as well as significantly greater improvements on the following HAM-D-29 items: appetite increase, increased eating, carbohydrate craving, and genital symptoms (e.g., level of libido).” - from the article

All I know is that it has helped me so it may be worth a shot or it may not. no guarantees.


I’ve just started taking Chromium GTF.
Chromium GTF is recommended for those with metabolic syndrome or Type-2 diabetes.

Since quitting finasteride, I definitely seem to have one symptom that is characteristic of metabolic syndrome i.e. increased fat around the abdominal area.
I’m not obese or anything like that, but i’ve noticed that i have more tummy fat since quitting finasteride and it seems impossible to shift.
Hopefully Chromium GTF will help in reducing tummy fat… and maybe boost libido too.

Chromium is a metallic element essential for the metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar, and helps insulin transport glucose into cells where it can be used for energy. Inadequate intake of chromium has been linked to the development of glucose intolerance, a condition seen in Type-2 diabetics. Chromium can also help raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels, and may play a role in preventing heart disease. … our-blood/

researcher has posted the following benefits from taking Chromium:
consistently helped me with libido
gave me increased thoughts of sex
strong erection
could last longer


Niacin (in a larger dose and non-flush formula) is probably the best anti-depression supplement

What about Chromium Picolinate?


From what I have read, Chromium GTF is better absorbed and longer retained than Picolinate.


I bought both and didn’t notice a difference between the two but when I first started taking picolinate I noticed a big increase in erections while sleeping.


Anyone else trial Chromium or ChromeMate? Curious if this has helped anyone?

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