Something I noticed

Guys I’ve noticed that during these 4 months post cessation but even when I was still on the drug, the only few random days where I really enjoyed masturbating I also produced quite some precum while doing it and the few times this has happened my orgasm and ejaculation had been almost normal I’d say.
Before all this I used to produce quite a lot of precum, especially with girls, and then my orgasm would be super intense, now, 99% of the time, precum is almost non existent and orgasms are super weak.
Anybody else noticed this?

If I don’t masturbste for some time I get precum.

Emptying the tank every day and it’s absent.

Not much difference in pleasure either way though.

Same here. Used to leak a lot of precum when aroused, pre-fin. Now l am 10 months post cessation, and even when there is precum, it’s not nearly as much as before