Someone heard about Oxytocin?

I read about the oxytocic today and it seem to be the the solution for us. Does anybody know about it?

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Hi. Why don’t you explain what you read to us?

Giving some info will mean you are more likely to get participation, which will mean you are more likely for this topic to remain visible, which will mean more people will be likely to see it and contribute.

Topics which consist of just a question don’t tend to do as well.


I have started to inject it this week…

What effect does it have if any?

I think a feel me mentally much better after just one injection.

I know Dr. Goldstein used to use it with some PSSD patients. Don’t know if it had success or not

Dr. Goldstein would have a wealth of experience with PFS and PSSD patients. His experiences with relation to response of patients would be very valuable to this community. Yes he acknowledges that he hasn’t stumbled across a ‘golden treatment’ which works for all, but to get some kind of data from him would be very useful.

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Did you work in a hospital? Oxytocin inyections are very hard drug to get for normal people. Theres also intranasal oxytocin.

No, I work on a pig farm, lol.