Someone has immune defenses lowered after finasteride?


Hi, after finasteride suspension, in addition to the symptoms we all accuse (asthenia, weight loss, libido loss etc.) I did blood tests, who have certified that I have low immune defenses with white blood cells (leukocytes Especially) and lymphocytes all under the range, not drastically, but disordered. I also contracted the epstein barr, and the herpes viruses that created me a start of autoimmunity, I still have it.
Did anyone blame this weakening of immune defenses?
If it’s a common thing, I think Mieloyd-Derived-Suppressor-Cells
(MDSC) have their role as protagonists, as has been discovered by recent studies.
Thank you very much, for your support.


I also have low immune defenses. White blood cells, etc.
It’s been this way for a long time now.


Hello kan;
Is it still today? Have you had any infection with viruses, bacteria, etc.?
And the values ​​of leukocytes and lymphocytes as they are?
Thanks bye