Someone can answer?

Has anyone tested the theory of putting our bodies on supraphysiological doses of testosterone to create new receptors? I talked to my doctor and he said that this is possible, that the receptors are desensitized. And that only through high levels of testosterone can we form new receptors.


I think it’s more of an issue of the receptors being damaged. I don’t think the body can make new receptors from my understanding.

TRT will increase AR density… But the whole over/under expressed AR thing comes into play. Some people feel like poo on androgens, other feel better.

Personally, I’m doing TRT @ 200mg/wk. And plan to put my total t into the “supraphysiological” range, or whatever it takes to put my free t at the very top end, it’s practically zero at this point.

Are you not seeing improvement with TRT?

No, unfortunately not. Which seems pretty typical for us. But I’m only at week 5, and won’t do labs until around week 11/12. So no idea where I stand yet.

It’s no secret I was on TRT (Androgel) for years before I was hit with PFS. I continue on TRT to this day, 42 months later. My lab T-levels never wavered even with PFS.

Earlier this year I started a discussion here, asking if anyone in the past had tried high levels of testosterone? Only one was discussed, and it had done him no good.

I tried it myself, tripling my doses for a month. It seemed to have no affect on me, good or bad. For that reason, I never wrote of it here.

I considered it coincidental, but a few months later I began experiencing nocturnal erections for the first time in 3 years.

I don’t know if any of this helps. Jim


What’s more important is your Free T. Generally everyone is focusing on total t. Which seems to not change much pre/post fin.

But SHGB, E2, Free T, and including all thyroid values other than just LH/FSH are seldomly discussed here w/TRT.

What your syntoms?

Mainly mental. Anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, etc…