Somebody got songs in head all the time?

I have songs in my head looping all the time since I stopped. Cant even think because of it. Is this because of anxiety or because of pssd?
Does anybody else got this?

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It’s possibly an anxiety thing, which could be a symptom of your post drug condition.

How long has it been going on? How long have you been off?

Hey man I’ve had this exact same problem since I stopped clonazepam about two months ago. It’s the worst when I wake up and when I’m trying to sleep. If I’m keeping my brain busy by listening to music or watching tv then I can get it to stop temporarily, but I can’t figure out how to make it stop permanently

Im 10 months off mirtazapine now. Its going on all day long. The first months I could sleep a few hours a night but now I cant sleep at all. Last night I got 0 minutes sleep. After images and floaters also keep getting worse.

I’ve seen this complained a few times on this forum. If you search you can find others with the exact same issue. I know people with adhd experience this as well - maybe a low dopamine thing?

I dont know I never had this before you see this a lot with people in withdrawal from ssris but also with people with ocd or autism.
Its constant. The insomnia worries me the most. I get 2 hours if im lucky.

I would think low serotonin, isn’t that the chemical that keeps your brain calm and relaxed? Dopamine is more an excitatory chemical

I have this, I thought I was the only one.

The first time I had this symptom was when I tried trazadone for sleep while weening off clonazepam. This was before PFS, but it went away when I stopped trazadone.

After my PFS crash it became constant - over 2 years now. I have to take clonazepam or phenibut to get any sleep. Kratom helps too

I think it’s the clonazepam man, I took it for 2-3 years and the month I stopped it is when this all started for me even though I’ve had pfs for 7 years. I think the brain is readjusting from having been slowed down by a benzo for so long that maybe it is now hyperactive

Crazy reading this. I have intermittent bouts of this where I hear the same song played over and over and over in my head. Never experienced this in my life until developing PFS. Some nights it’s really disturbing.

I always had this even before AD. Try to put music unrelated to the music inside your head. The mind kinda loses the rythm. That has help me

I only took .5 mg once a day for two to three years. I’m very sensitive to drugs though so that dose still had a good effect on me

@Dtch just wanted to share my experience, I took both l-theanine and mucuna pruriens when I woke up with coffee and breakfast and it is helping a great deal today. No constant song loops in my head right now. Obviously everyone reacts differently to this stuff though

I can confirm that nicotinamide works well to shut it up as well. Makes me feel very dull though

I don’t know if this is the same thing, but I have issues with OCD-like symptoms. My mind seems to be repetitive, like it wants me to think the same thoughts over and over again. It makes it difficult to focus at times.

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Definitely have that from time to time
Especially recently
Although it was mainly my fault I was very inactive during my Christmas break
Basically 2 weeks. But I had it bad. Still do usually as I live music and it really resonates with me but still