Some videos to cope


I’ll post here videos that helped me when I was at my lowest point. Feel free to reply with videos, shows, music that have helped you.

The surprising science of happiness

It is a great video to watch especially if you are at your lowest point, to understand that things will not always be this way.

Sam Harris on Free will

This video helped me manage regret. Most people would prefer free will to be a real thing, but for me, and probably for many people who have made bad decisions such as taking finasteride, it would be a relief to know that “probably” free will is an illusion.

To forget about the whole finasteride issue, I have also enjoyed a lot watching monologues. especially the following comedians, you probably know them:

  • Jim Jefferies (his cynical style is great to watch when you are in the middle of a depression).
  • Dave Chappelle, he has many specials on netflix.

Great suggestions man I’ll check those out. If you’re looking for some good comedians btw I highly enjoy Chris D’elia, Theo von, and Nate bargatze.

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This may help with life’s ups and downs and daily tribulations but probably not so much with serious health issues.

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Check Patrice O’neal


Amazing speech. Putting God first isn’t about religion it’s about staying humble and keeping our egos in check.
The power of helping others and giving back.
He finishes the speech with positive affirmations, giving thanks for what we have. We have all lost something from getting PFS, whether it be time or money spent on trying to heal or ongoing changes to our health that have changed our lives.


How To Stop Ruminating

Ruminating is simply repetitively going over a thought or a problem without completion. By doing this you are sending a message to your brain that the thought is important, so your brain sends more of these types of thoughts. The problem lies when the thoughts are negative. So negative thoughts of the past can lead to depression while thoughts of the future can lead to anxiety.