Some symptoms worse in the morning?

One of my worst symptoms is little sensitivity and pleasureless orgasm. I’ve noticed in the morning that if I try to masturbate after I wake up, this is way worse. It is pretty much at 0 pleasure whereas if I do it at night, I can feel at least a little bit. I also have this bulging ring thing on my penis but it’s only present after waking up and never later in the day. Just wondering if anyone else notices worsened sexual symptoms in the morning

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Same here, I also think that maybe its worse in the mornings. My worst symptom is the very low penile sensitivity, it is like 0,5/10 level most of the time. That really makes the days a continous nightmare all the time. It suck so much to wake and the first thing that you realize when you wake that you are in the same shithole 24/7 with the sensitivity. Would trade an arm for pre fin sensitivity any time.

Same here…Everything is worse in the morning (Anxiety, Despression, sensitivity, Suicide ideation)…Dont get me wrong at night it only becomes 5 % better, but still morning is worse (Somehow its even worse when the sun is shining, just a reminder, that i cant enjoy a good day any more)