Some idea for this rare case?

Hi all,

Have made so many posts already… My basically question is:
What should I do if I get PFS again 6 years later of taking it?

I mean, I got PFS in 2015, but I recovered. 100% recovered. I was perfect. Then, I’ve had some relapses in 2018, 2019 and now 2020.
But in 2018 and 2019 they last 1 month and 3 months… Now, in 2020 I’ve had on crash in march, and I recovered by june / july… And now, from 15 of september until now, again having bad sides.
This time is different though, not a crash… Got sides bit a bit, everytime worst. Most of them are sexual, my skin changed a lot, got psoriasis… My hair is falling down more than ever…Suicidal thoughts… No motivation, no future…
I have read so many posts trying to recover from PFS like detoxing heavy metals and some other stuffs, also talking about damage in neurotransmissors etc etc…
But, if I’ve been so pretty recovered for so long… Then, how is possible to get this sides again, like If I really got permanent damage now… 6 years later of stopping the drug?? I’m saying that cause my feelings now are like I’m pretty screwed up, more than other times I got worse…
Don’t understand nothing…

Wow, this is interesting (and troubling!) You were recovered for about 3 years, and then fell into the hole again? Weird indeed!

Could it be that you’ve ingested a 5AR inhibitor other than finasteride? There are some mild ones out there could perhaps trigger a crash. Or perhaps other endocrine disruptors in your environment… did you move recently? Xenoestrogens in cosmetic products or other household items? I don’t know…

Hi mate, thank you so much for your message. I appreciate it so much.

Well, actually I was recovered 2 years, since I had the crash in april 2015 and recovered in april 2016 (more or less), so I had the other crash in 2018… It’s true that in 2017 (summer) I had some symptoms again (mild) but still there. But I got better.
So yeah mate, everything so strange… From 2018, I have recovered myself and crashed again many times… So I can’t find any clue about what it was (endocrine disruptors, cometics, etc etc)… Neither I have idea of what gave me the recoveries… Cause all of them came natural… But of course I have took supplements and staff, but I don’t attribute my recoveries to this because most of the time the recoveris came so fast, like in 1 month… or 3 max… So let’s see what happens now… It’s being 2 months i’m not feeling well… But in this 2 months I’ve had 10 days (5 in a row and then other 5 in a row) that I felt practically normal…
Bye dude.
How are you by the way?

Hi David,

Thanks for raising this topic and for posting your experiences.

I think yours is a good example of why I don’t think any of this is permanent and why I think that even recoveries (recover-ers?) should really try and be part of any campaigns for more recognition, holding the manufacturers to account and seeking damages for our community and of course research into what is happening.

We are all vulnerable and seem to carry that vulnerability with us even when we are recovered, let alone while we are suffering.

To be pragmatic, there’s very little evidence for supplements actually helping us. I would suggest that you might like to try avoiding products, foods or activities that might be causing problems, rather than adding items to “fix” yourself.

It’s worth noting that we suspect long term use of things may not indicate safety. Just as some use Finasteride for years without issue, some things which we suspect could cause problems might not do so immediately.

It’s my feeling that you may have to just tough this out for a while but that recovery might be on the horizon, just as it was before.

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Yes, it seems to be very common to see people bouncing back to normality for a few days or weeks, only to return to the PFS state.

However, that’s not been my personal experience. I haven’t had any dramatic improvements, only some rapid declines, which was usually brought on by some experiment with supplements – so I think @Greek is right to warn about careless experimentation, and if you were taking supplements it’s quite possible that you might have ingested something that crashed you.

I should also say that some supplements have been helpful, so it’s not that they’ve all been bad…