Some Advice For Everyone

I have been dealing with PAS for about a year now… symptoms have been becoming worse in different areas by the day and it has definitely been tough to deal with. With that being said, however, I have managed to stay happy somehow. Have faith in our world and science, one day I truly believe we will be healed just keep fighting. Most people don’t want to be told this for the 100th time but I seriously advise everyone to absolutely try everything in their power to stay happy. Stay close to family and friends or go out and talk to people. Some people are rich or can have sex 5 times a day and are still miserable. You only get one life and if you are letting a condition make you miserable and letting it put you on your ass every day you are doing yourself a disservice. I haven’t attempted any treatments or protocols yet but I just wanted to post this in case I made one person’s day better. Direct message me if you would like to speak to the real me I would love to meet some of you. Keep fighting and stay positive. :slight_smile:


Thank you for great words

Great advice man. Sometimes easier said than done when you’re dealing with cognitive effects, anxiety depression etc. I’ve been dealing with this condition for exactly two years now and what’s really
helped me is not dwelling on the bad days. Just getting through them and knowing that a good day is near. Things do improve in time for a lot of people.

I’ve gone from hardly being able to function to maintaining a solid relationship, excelling in my current investment banking role and bettering myself physically. All we can really do is try stay positive and make the most of what we have.


what is PAS?